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At Blomerth Chiropractic we say, “Why Suffer?” We offer you safe and effective treatments for many conditions. Feel better today.

How Can Blomerth Chiropractic Help You?

Back Pain

Most Americans experience one form of back pain or another during the course of their lives.

Sports Injury

Sports that involve repetitive impact present a high risk for back and other injuries.

Extremity Conditions

Painful shoulders, ankles, or wrists and other extremity pain can can be treated with Chiropractic care.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is slightly less common than back pain, but no less important or treatable.


Are you suffering from the tingling, burning pain and numbness of neuropathy ailments?

Infant and Children

Whether its a Colicky baby or a Sports Injury. There are many Infant an Child issues that Blomerth can help with.


Fifteen percent of Chiropractic patients seek relief from chronic headaches and migraines.

Women's Health

Cramping, hot flashes, or back pain, women have special needs that can be addressed with chiropractic care.


Would you like more energy, and to improve your health? Would you like to get over an injury or illness faster with a drug free approach?

Practice Overview

At Blomerth Chiropractic our mission is to reduce suffering for our patients and to improve the quality of their lives through all natural, drug-free, holistic chiropratic care.

Our goal is to return people to a normal and productive life by addressing the cause of suffering for those with acute or chronic pain conditions, and to offer wellness services to people interested in attaining optimum health.

At Blomerth Chiropractic in Peabody, MA, we are neuro-musculo-skeletal specialists. We treat the most common pains that people have. From neck and back pain to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to sprained ankle we offer a variety of techniques to relieve pain and restore function without drugs or surgery.

We offer acute care, rehabilitative care and wellness care. We explain your condition and treatment options. At Blomerth Chiropractic, you get to choose your options.

Newborns to 90 year olds are comfortable with light-force adjustments. If you are looking for effective yet gentle treatments, our light-force adjusting is for you. If you would like to learn more, or to schedule a visit, you can call us at 978-535-6155. | Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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