Women’s Health

Help for menstrual cycle issues: Dr. Ellen offers a combination of gentle chiropractic care, muscle work and nutritional therapies that have been very effective in alleviating menstrual related discomforts such as

  • For menstrual problems,
  • menstrual cramping and
  • PMS symptoms
  • heavy menstrual flow

Help for Menopausal symptoms: we offer a combination of gentle chiropractic care and nutritional therapies which can be helpful for issues such as:

  • hot flashes
  • heavy periods
  • joint pains
  • mood swings

Prenatal help: Dr. Ellen offers prenatal care for Mom’s-to-be going through their pregnancies that encourages a more comfortable pregnancy also:

  • Gentle adjustments allow the uterus to be more relaxed so the growing baby has more ease of movement.
  • Aligning the spine and pelvis improves the all important nerve flow to the pelvic organs for a healthier mom and baby.
  • Chiropractic care eases any pregnancy related back pains or sciatica or leg or arm pains.
  • At a time when you want to limit any pain medications you may be taking, chiropractic care to relieve painful conditions can be very helpful.
  • (We have a special treatment table for pregnant women so they can be more comfortable for their treatments.)

Care for common every day conditions:

  • Of course we offer treatments for headaches, carpal tunnel, back and neck pains, hip, leg and foot pains as well.
  • Chiropractic care and the therapies we offer can help with discomforts due to stress, tension and the strains of everyday life.

If your goal is a healthier, more comfortable body during menstrual cycles, as you go through the change, or as you are growing your family or if you just want to be healthier and more comfortable, at Blomerth Chiropractic we offer a range of treatment options to choose from.