It’s not easy owning the complex body of a woman. Our hormonal systems, and functions that our bodies handle through our lifetimes are much more complicated than a man’s. Through teenage and child bearing years there are menstrual cycles to deal with that require a well choreographed interplay of hormones from many different glands throughout our bodies. When a woman is pregnant, there are structural changes that her body goes through just to walk around not to mention what is required to deliver the baby. Our whole lives we deal with the stresses of our modern age. And then when we hit middle age, there are the hormonal changes as we go through menopause.

The good news is that when a woman is healthy,

her body can handle all of this with little to no problem

or discomfort. Here at Blomerth Chiropractic, Dr. Ellen

is well versed in helping her patients gain and maintain

healthy functions. Here are just a few areas we can help with…

PMS?… Dr. Ellen uses a combination of nutrition and chiropractic to help balance your hormonal cycles. She can suggest what foods to avoid just before your period, what vitamins you may need for a healthier life, what nutrient helps with a heavy flow, or what can help with bloating. And if you suffer from cramping, there are nice treatments that can ease that discomfort as well. Just because you are a woman does not mean that you should be suffering every month.

Pregnancy care entails gentle adjustments to ease back pains and sciatic pains, nutritional suggestions and adjustments to ease morning sickness, and regular adjustments to encourage an easier delivery.

Stress reduction? Well anyone can use that. Adjustments help your body handle daily stress as and special nutrients help balance your body’s stress hormones.

Menopausal problems? Nutritional approaches can help ease us through this time of our lives. Menopause is a natural function and if the woman is healthy, it does not cause discomforts.

So why suffer? Let us help you. If you or someone you love is dealing with any of these issues, from May 6 to May 18, we are offering a mother’s day gift of health. For anyone beginning care or returning for care after an absence of a year or more, receive a free bottle of high quality, all natural vitamins specially chosen to help your individual health needs. (a $30 to $40 value). Call 978-535-6155 today to schedule your Mother’s Day of Health check up.