Your brain runs and controls everything that happens in your body. Your brain sends signals along your nerves to all your organs and body parts in order to communicate with them. Your body sends signals back up the nerves to the brain to tell the brain what is needed. Joint problems in your spine or spinal disc problems can cause interference with the proper working of this critical communication system. Chiropractic care removes interference to your nervous system so that it will work as best as it can for you. When your brain and body can communicate optimally, you naturally become healthier. This is why chiropractors teach their patients that health comes from the above down (from the brain to the body) and from the inside out (meaning that when your body functions properly, it heals itself).

You can spend hundreds of dollars on vitamins, supplements and good food, but if your body can’t digest the nutrients properly, or absorb the nutrients like it should, or eliminate the left-over waste products, because the nerves going to your insides aren’t working properly… then the nutrition is not doing you much good.

You can exercise all day, but if the nerves going to your heart and lungs and muscles are not working properly… then the effort will not build as much health as you would like.

When you suffer with neuropathy, there are a number of causes for your nerves not working right. Our specialized neuropathy care includes gentle chiropractic treatments to remove nerve interference so that your body has a better chance to heal.

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