By Dr. Steve

The most common history we hear from people is this, “I just woke up and I felt pain.” This is true of patients who have back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and most other pains.
Yes, some people do have car accidents, slips, falls and sports injuries; but it is much more common for people to develop pain gradually. These people have had a ‘silent problem’ for months or years, then wake up one morning and the problem no longer silent. When people say “I slept wrong and got a pain”, the problem was there long before the pain; because sleeping does not hurt you unless you already have a problem just waiting to come out, like a tooth slowly going bad.
So “Where Does My Pain Come From?”…….It comes from small things gradually adding up to pain. Seemingly small things such as: a flat foot, muscle imbalances, stuck joints, latent trigger points, all can add up to pain. No amount of medicine or rest will make them go away. Time will not heal these problems because once they start they do not heal back to normal on their own. They have to be addressed by our chiropractic hands-on techniques so that they can return to normal function. And the hands-on techniques are then combined with special stabilization exercises to keep the problem from returning.
“Where Does My Pain Come From?” It comes from all the many repeated tasks and postures and strains of life. And getting better requires learning how to undo these accumulated strains, stiff joints and muscle imbalances. Chiropractic care gives you the best combination of all the many things you need to achieve this without the dangers and poor outcomes of drugs and surgery.

So if you wake up with pain, or if you are getting warning signals of stiffness, muscle cramps or spasms or pains that are coming and going… give us a call today at 978-535-6155 to schedule an examination to start getting better.