Water on the knee could be called ‘water inside the knee’ because you can’t actually see any water on your knee. And the ‘water’ is not really water either, it is joint lubricating fluid. Having joint lubricating fluid inside your knee is  normally a good thing. But if your knee has been injured over time your knee joint capsule may make a lot of joint fluid in order to protect you and lubricate your knee . So ‘water on the knee’ is not really a specific problem but it is a sign that you have had a problem. Does it mean that you want to have your knee stuck with a needle and drained? Only if your knee is also hot and inflamed because this may be a sign that you have an infection or that you have been tackled in football. If your knee is not  hot and you did not have a violent accident or a sports injury getting the proper non-surgical treatment for your knee is the best way to remove the cause of the extra protective fluid. We successfully treat many patients for knee pain that thought they might need surgery. It’s always good to find out that your problem can be treated with simple non-surgical means that we use in our office.


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