Tennis elbow does not have much to do with tennis, although sometimes some tennis players can get tennis elbow. It is not caused by moving your elbow too much, it is caused by too much wrist motion. So wearing a brace on your elbow will not be much help. If you want to wear a brace for your tennis elbow you should wear a brace on your wrist so that your wrist cannot move. The pain in your elbow area occurs because your wrist has moved too much too hard too many times. The muscles that  move your wrist just happen to attach at your elbow so that is why people feel elbow pain when their problem has occurred because of too much wrist motion.

If you think you have ‘tennis elbow’, you can do a little test on yourself: try moving flexing and straightening just your elbow. (You should find that to be pain free.) Now hold out your arm straight and hold your wrist and fingers straight up in the air so you are looking at the back of your hand; now try to keep your fingers up straight while your opposite hand tries to push your fingers down. (You should find that this does bring out your elbow pain!) Tennis elbow can be treated by the hands on techniques we use in this office. One of the key aspects is getting people to realize that their elbow pain comes from their wrist motion and not from their elbow motion.

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