Frozen shoulder has nothing to do with frost bite, or sleeping outside in winter.

Frozen shoulder happens when the shoulder capsule becomes stiff through so much misuse that it loses almost all it mobility. This means that you cannot move it to do many normal activities such as putting on a sweatshirt or reaching over head. There are no drugs that will un-freeze a frozen shoulder and no injections that will free it up either.

The best and safest treatment for a frozen shoulder is a form of gradual manipulation that slowly breaks up the scarred tissue adhesions that have formed and limited your movement. Rest, ice, heat and simple shoulder exercises will not help because the shoulder joint capsule has become so restricted that it will not allow you to have normal function until the adhesions have been freed up. It is a slow process to recover from frozen shoulder but it is something that we treat in our office and we encourage you to talk with us if you think you may shoulder or if you have already been told you have this condition.