Are you making these summer exercise and sports mistakes that could ruin your vacation?


Alicia loved to run, and enjoyed looking good in her clothes. Then one day, after increasing her distance, she developed knee pain. She decided to “run through it”. But that strategy backfired and she ended up limbing into our office hoping to at least be able to walk around to see the sites on her upcoming vacation.

Bob was an active 60 year old when his hip began to bother him after his weekly golf games. Now he feels 80 because it hurts when he walks and when he lies on his side. He wonders if he will ever feel better. Is he just old, or does he have arthritis? He does not know what is wrong and worries about staying active in his retirement.

What happened to these normally active and athletic people that caused pain and threatened to rob them of their enjoyable summer activites? Here are some common mistakes that could cause injury if you are an experienced athlete, or a weekend warrior or even if you are just starting an exercise program along with some injury prevention tips:

If your running or other athletic shoes are worn, at the heels, it can throw off your gait and cause knee or hip or even back pain. Tip: check your athletic shoes regularly for wear. If they are old, invest in new ones!

Do your feet rool in or out? You may not be able to tell by looking at your own feet. But if your shoes wear unevenly, that might tip you off. If you suffer repeated bouts of your ankles rolling on you, or plantarfascitis (pain on the bottom of your feet), or knee or hip pains…it may be coming from your feet. Give us a call and we can check your foot balance for you. Tip: The fix for this is a good set of custom-made orthotics. When we order orthotics for you, we also take into account what your spine looks like and your weight, activity needs and style of shoe that you wear.

Some knee pains are actually due to hip problems. We have low tech tests we use to determine if the problem is actually in your knee or if it is coming from your hip. Sometimes there is a joint tissue and sometimes you have postural imbalances that are causing the problem. We may use a combination of adjustments, therapies and suggested exercises to help your specific needs. For someone like Bob, we can determine if he has arthritis, a hip injury, a hip bursitis or some other muscle or joint problem causing the pain. Tip: when suffering pain from an exercise or sport you do regularly, call us for a muscle balance check and an exam of your spinal alignment. You may benefit from our combination of therapies designed for you individual needs.

More Exercise Tips:

Treat all injuries no matter how minor very carefully to prevent them from becoming a big problem. If you experience pain when training, stop your training session immediately. If the pain does not stop or if it returns the next time you exercise, get the problem checked out.

Dehydration can cause muscle cramps either during or after exercise. It can also cause fatigue. In the summer it can lead to overheating. Pay attention to hydration. Drink water before and after exercising and a electrolyte drink during exercise.

Introduce new activites gradually and make sure you are clear on how to perform them safely.

Monitor daily signs of fatigue, if in doubt ease off your workouts for a day or two.