Do you suffer from neck pain, back pain, or carpal tunnel pains when using your computer? It could be the way you are sitting at your computer. It could be how the computer is set up in front of you. Find out how to work more comfortably at your computer. This month, August 2010 at Blomerth Chiropractic we are offering FREE computer posture training sessions. Simply contact us to schedule your free 20 minute session. This training is also offered to school students of all ages.



Speaking of school… As part of our back to school offerings, Bring in your child and their packed back pack. We will weigh them, and let you know if the pack is too heavy for your child. Hint…the pack should be no more than 10% of your child’s weight. We will also adjust the pack to your child for proper fit.



August 2010: Sign up for either computer posture training or our back pack weigh in, or come in for your appointments, or refer a friend or family member and enter our drawing for a free back pack full of school supplies, or a bag full of school supplies, or a free low back pillow to make those long study hours more comfortable.