What is the greatest gift? It may vary from person to person; but most adults will
eventually agree that having your health and being free of pain is the best thing. It is
something that money cannot replace. All our activities from our livelihoods to our fun
times, are affected by and rest upon our good health.

We never miss our health until it slips away or is gone in a thunder clap. And how do we
bring it back if we have pain or loss of function? We all want to be out of pain ASAP. So
we want the best and quickest fix; because pain is such a bad thing to feel.

We think that the drugs we see on TV must be the best way to help us because we see
these ads all the time and so many people we know take these drugs. But then we learn
that the drugs have side effects that hurt our health, or we find that they just don’t bring us
relief or correct our problem.

So how do we help ourselves the best way possible to return to health? The best way is
to work with health care practitioners who help you without drugs – like us. We work to
restore your body’s ability to heal itself, and we help you make changes to keep yourself
healthy. Our hands-on-treatment is a very powerful tool to restore your health. We also
encourage you to add the gentle healing effect of good nutrition by taking you step-by-
step towards a healthier lifestyle. By looking at the whole person we achieve a longer
lasting healing effect than just the temporary actions of drugs. Your healing can also be
more complete and profound by doing the specialized exercises we introduce that you
have never had before. These special exercises are designed to strengthen your weakest
muscles, muscles that you need for stabilization, muscles that are often overlooked in
gym exercises and that don’t receive adequate attention day to day.

There is no drug and no surgical procedure as safe and effective as our combination of
hands on care, nutritional work and muscle balance stabilization exercises. We have
given help, relief, hope and a return to health to many people over the years through this
powerful way of healing. The greatest gift is to find your way to participating in your
own health as we work with you to relieve pain, restore function, and improve your
health and well being. The majority of our most common pains do not really need the
danger of drugs and surgery to recover fully. They respond best and most safely to our
combined approach.

So we invite you to restore your health and restore your own greatest gift by
participating with us. After all your health is the basis for all you do and most often
it can be restored without drugs and surgery. And that is the greatest gift.