If someone gave you a gift that took them 9 months to make, that they put alot of effort into (their heart and soul), and then even after they gave you the wonderful gift, they or someone else spent even more years helping you use that gift… Do you think you might appreciate it? Would this gift be precious to you? Would you want to take care of it so it would last a long time?

It gets even better. This gift comes with all sorts of special features, each one similar to other gifts like it, but unique to the person the gift was made for. It has all sorts of cool automatic functions that you don’t have to program or reset all the time. These features will even run, and give you all their benefits with you knowing how they do what they do. This really cool gift will help you appreciate music, and art, and sports if you want, companionship and love if you so choose, good food and the whole range of human experiences. It even runs on things found in the environment so you don’t have to keep buying batteries for it. Sound interesting? Do you think you might enjoy one of these gifts? Well you do own one. We all do! I hope you are enjoying it, and also appreciating it so that gift that someone worked so hard to give you will last you a long time and give you years of pleasurable use.

Of course I am talking about our bodies. In the day to day course of taking care of my patients and teaching them about the proper care and feeding of their own unique special gift that is their body, I often find myself trying to find ways to communicate the value of what they own. Because everybody we know owns  a body, we tend to take them for granted. Often we don’t really appreciate what our bodies can do until after we lose some function for a time, then get it back. In my business, where I take care of a lot of backs, most patients agree that other people do not understand how disabling a back injury can be until they have suffered from one themselves. And all people with bad backs are very happy when they get back their full function. The same can pretty much be said or any body part or function.

I sometimes use this gift analogy to explain another good reason why people need to make taking care of their body one of their priorities. Telling them how bad they could feel or what they won’t be able to do if they don’t eat right or do their exercises only works for those people who have experienced bad pains and don’t want to go through that again. Motivating people to exercise by explaining how it will make them look better, or more sexy only works for those who care if they look better or sexy.

However, there are lots of people who make pretty much everyone and everything else more important that taking care of themselves. Their health is sinking fast while they feel trapped in a world where they can’t take the first step towards better health because the dog must be taken to the groomer and their child’s 20 different projects must be overseen in infinite detail, taking every minute of their frazzled day.

Maintaining good health to care of this wonderful gift that we were given, is often just a case of balance.

  • Balancing the demands on our time (is volunteering for one more project just because someone asked you to, really the best use of your time)
  • Balancing when and ow much and what you eat ( we are all different as to what is best for our own personal chemistry)
  • Balancing adequate and restorative rest with healthy activity, work and recreation. And balancing the needs of our body, (making sure it will give us long term, pain free service with minimum stops for repairs) with meeting the needs of our families and work.

Learning how to balance goes a long way towards appreciating the gifts we have been given and then taking care of ourselves, for longer, healthier lives.

If you have children, you know how much effort goes into raising a child. Wouldn’t you like to think that your children will one day appreciate that effort and take care of themselves? Well the main way children learn about such things is by observing what their parents do. So if you put everything and everyone else first and don’t take even a little time to care for yourself, that how would children learn that it is important to care of themselves when they get older?

How does chiropractic fit into all of this? Discovering and teaching you the unique needs of you body so that you can properly care of it is just one of the wellness services that we offer. We try to help when you hurt, or when something isn’t working right. And we encourage you in your efforts to find that balance in all aspects of your life. Coaching and encouraging your efforts rather than judging. Supporting and working with you rather than dictating care. Teaching and explaining rather than confusing or ordering.

As you set out your goals and aspirations for the New Year, I hope that you find my gift analogy useful in thinking about how you might approach you life differently. And if you would like Blomerth Chiropractic to work as part of your health care team, just give us a call. We appreciate working with or current patients, enjoy welcoming back old friends to help with new or ongoing issues and look forward to meeting new people to help care of all those unique and wondrous gifts we were all given and are learning to appreciate.

The first step towards better health is to call for an appointment, call 978-535-6155 right now while you are thinking of it, and before you forget!