Do you suffer sleeplessness, irritability, fatigue, burn out, feel overwhelmed? Headaches, back pains, or neck pains? Stomach pains or nausea, irritable bowels? How about hair loss, weight gain around your stomach and loss of sex drive? All of these are symptoms of chronic stress.

More Stress Effects

Prolonged stress, which is rampant these days will make any condition you already have worse. If you get injured, your pain is also worse.

Your adrenal glands secrete the stress hormone cortisol. Prolonged high levels of cortisol cause all of the problems listed above and more. When the stress goes on long enough, adrenal fatigue sets in and your health goes down the tubes.

So what can be done outside of getting a new life?

Supporting the adrenal glands with nutritional supplements, protects your health and eases some of the fatigue, weight gain, loss of sex drive and feeling of being overwhelmed due to chronic stress

Chiropractic adjustments reduces physical stress on your body and on the nervous system and relieves some of the physical pain while improving sleep.


Dietary information about what foods support your energy and health and which will stress them along with how to eat throughout the day can ease the ups and downs of energy throughout the day.

Will this take away your life situation that is stressing you out? No. But by helping your body and brain deal with the stress, you can make better decisions, rest better, have more energy and handle the stress life throws at you with much less suffering.

So if you are suffering signs of chronic stress and adrenal fatigue, take action to start feeling better today. Give us a call at 978-535-6155 to schedule a visit.