When you are under stress your body reacts by tightening muscles, reducing your ability to digest your food, increasing blood pressure and heart rate as part of its stress response.

This can lead to headaches, body pains, digestive upsets, and heart problems.

The entire country is under varying amounts of stress even if it is only due to being out of your usual routine and wondering if your toilet paper supply will hold out 🙂 .

Here are some stress reducing tips to ease some of the stress response for you and your family.

1. Relaxing music can slow heart rate and ease sensations of mild anxiety or irritation for some people.
2. Comedy movies or shows to stimulate laughing can break up the stress response.
3. Deep breathing, tai chi, yoga, Foundation training decompression breathing all calm heart rate, and reduce muscle tension.
4. Getting outside for a walk or run or bike ride uses up the stress chemicals so that they don’t sit around aggravating you.

When dealing with ongoing stress, your body needs a good supply of certain nutrients to function as best as possible.

1. When stressed it is difficult to eat enough veggies to get in all the B vitamins that your body needs.. A good high quality B vitamin complex is wise to add to your diet.

2.. Barring taking extra Bs , at least take a good high quality multiple vitamin, preferably with minerals to cover your bases.

3. Magnesium eases tight muscles and cramps. For some people magnesium supplements can ease a migraine. Your brain uses magnesium to make some of its calming neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). However, the last name of the magnesium you take is important. Magnesium citrate is what is used for colonoscopy prep so you know what that does. If constipation is your problem, then this one might be the right choice for you. Magnesium malate is preferred for people with a lot of muscle pains. There are several other types that are OK as well.

4. For those suffering anxiety and who are not on anxiety medications the herb Kava Kava can be helpful. However, I would try the magnesium first.

4. People suffering from mild depression can find St. John’s wort helpful. But again you should not use it if you are on an anti-depression medication.

Working from home with family stress reducing tips:

I know that many of you typically did not work from home. If you have family members and/or pets home with you, you are probably in a distraction filled work environment.

The tip for this is to set up a daily routine for yourself that includes specific hours of work time, breaks, and family time. Stick to that routine every day. Having a set routine that your family can get used to may help.

Stay healthy and safe!