How long do you want to live? That’s a tough question, but most people say ‘as long as I’m healthy’. Because most people know that if they are not healthy it is difficult to stay active and enjoy life. No one really wants a long life of pain and disability. So how do you keep yourself healthy and active as you get older? How can you feel better, have more energy, and stay able to do what you want to do?  Thirty-seven years in practice have taught us a lot about getting people out of pain and also how to maximize the ‘health span’ of our patients and ourselves.  The three main avenues to stay healthy, and happy and to stay active after 40 are…

What we eat, The exercise we get, The care we receive.

What we eat (and what we don’t eat).

Stay Active After 40 by eating these
  1. lots of different colored veggies
  2. a moderate amount of high quality proteins ( examples are fish, chicken, grass fed beef, nuts, beans)
  3. limited amounts of whole grains (will usually be a light brown color and not processed)
  4. high quality oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or ghee
  5. small amounts of organic fruits
  6. at a minimum take a high quality multivitamin to cover all your bases
  7. drinking adequate amounts of water (optimum is half your body weight in ounces)
Stay Active After 40 by not eating this
  1. sugar, flour, white grains
  2. avoid the chemicals: high fructose corn syrup, MSG, Aspartame (Nutrisweet), preservatives, un-natural colorings (many are made from coal tar), nitrates, nitrites, sulfites
  3. limit highly processed foods (they usually come in boxes and bars)
  4. avoid trans fats (margarine)

The exercise we get

Stay Active After 40 by doing this

  1. find a sport or physical activity that you enjoy and participate regularly
  2. get outside frequently (fresh air and sunshine for making Vitamin D)
  3. go for walks
  4. exercises you should regularly get include
  5. some weight training (can be done with stretch bands or stretch tubes),
  6. aerobic exercises  (where you breathe hard),
  7. try some wind-sprint type aerobic( with heart rate going up and down) for best for losing weight,
  8. stretching such as yoga,
  9. muscle work such as massage or foam rolling
  10. Don’t have much time for exercise? We encourage everyone to check out the free Foundation Training videos on You Tube. They stretch where you need to stretch and strengthen where you need to strengthen. And, they improve core spinal strength so the muscles protect your spine as it ages. Also, they improve your balance, posture, endurance and flexibility. All this in 4 to 12 minutes a day.
  11. Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. When you sleep your brain cleanses, your memory takes things from short term storage and puts it into long term storage, and your body heals from the stresses of the day.
Stay Active After 40 by not doing this:
  1. Regularly staying up all night and day and not getting adequate rest
  2. Thinking miserable thoughts instead of looking for things to be pleased or happy or grateful about.
  3. Abusing your body by not paying attention to its needs.
  4. Being a couch potato

 The care we receive.

And finally stay active after 40 by keeping regular chiropractic appointments to help your body heal injuries, keep your nervous system in top shape, to learn how your unique body functions and how to care for it, to learn how you personally can optimize your health. If you need help with learning how to do any of the above, please call us at 978-535-6155. We are here to help.