Has your health suffered lately? Do you get colds or flus more often, or have digestive problems, or more fatigue? Are you just not as healthy as you once were? Most people think it is because they are getting older. However, they may have this “silent” spinal condition slowly stealing their health. “Silent” means there is no spinal pain with this condition. Here is what it is and how to tell if you have it and how to get rid of it so you can be healthier.

There are two types of nerves in the body, pain nerves and function nerves. Irritation of a pain nerve causes pain. Or you might irritate a function nerve which would affect walking, digesting, liver function, or the function of any other organ in your body. Almost everyone understands that if they have a pinched nerve in their neck or back, going to the chiropractor to take the pressure off the pain nerve will relieve their pain.  Relieve the pressure and you relieve the pain. However, if you have pressure on a function nerve – you don’t feel pain, you just do not have as good function as you should for whatever part of you that nerve runs.

 This is why if you have had a fall, or were jarred in an accident, you should get your spine checked, even if you don’t have pain. Pressure on a function nerve could be silently robbing you of optimum health.

A number of years ago Dr. Ellen had a patient who understood this, and avoided some bad health problems by wisely getting treatment. She had jarred her spine on a white water rafting trip. After the trip she had no pain at all, however over the next 3 days she was severely constipated… even though she had no pain in her back. As a chiropractic patient at our office, she understood how the spine affects the nervous system… she put two and two together and came in for care. After we adjusted the  jammed up joints, her bowel function was back to normal that day and stayed fine.

We often find function nerve problems in children. Frequently, children’s bumps and falls (learning to walk, learning to ride a bike or playing sports) result in spinal mis-alignments. These mis-alignments  put pressure on function nerves. Children rarely suffer back pain. But, they often will have problems after a fall with an unexplained fever, or constipation or diarrhea, or ear infections or cold symptoms… depending on what part of the spine was affected. A quick adjustment often helps return the children to their active happy selves.

How To Find Out If You Have A Silent Spinal Problem And What To Do About It

So…how do you find out if you have silent, non-painful pressure on one of your function nerves causing health issues? By getting occasional spinal check-ups at our office just like you would get occasional dental check-ups to ensure healthy teeth. Maybe that ache, pain or digestive problem isn’t just because you are getting old. Maybe getting a simple adjustment can help you become a lot healthier than you ever thought you could.

Sometimes when a spinal joint is “a little stuck”, it will irritate a spinal nerve. If there is no pressure on one of the pain nerves, it will not feel that bad. It can occur subtly and gradually over time from normal activities. Since the spinal nerves communicate and connect with all the other tissues and organs in your body, if they don’t work at 100%, you can’t have 100% health. Sometimes people believe they should  “live with” some neck or back “stiffness”. They think, if it doesn’t hurt bad, it can’t be all that bad. But, please understand, while it may not be hurting that badly, the subtle interference with the full function of your nervous system will over time, silently steal your health.

Why take a chance on your health or suffer any longer? Please call us today at 978-535-6155 while you are thinking about it to schedule your check-up for a convenient time.