Shoulder pain is so common that most people have had some at one time or another. But most people think that all shoulder problems are either bursitis or a torn rotator cuff. People often believe that they will either need a shot of cortisone or surgery to get better . But cortisone does not help your shoulder to truly heal, it can only mask your pain by covering up the inflammation. Surgery should be left for a last resort unless your shoulder is torn apart by a fall. Both cortisone injections and surgery can leave your shoulder in worse condition. But there are actually many different reasons for shoulder pain; and most of them can be treated very effectively without either drugs or surgery.

How do we treat shoulder problems at our office? We start by examining not only your shoulder but also your neck, your spine and your entire posture. Most often shoulder pain is the end result of many contributing factors. Restoring shoulder function requires correcting all those factors as well as working directly on your shoulder. Our approach incorporates soft-tissue techniques which stimulate tissue repair along with specialized exercises that restore proper shoulder stability. We monitor your progress with simple functional tests in office to see which aspect of your shoulder is most involved at that time.

If you would like to see one of the techniques we use you can look up Graston Technique on line. We also have a brief video at our website.