Being healthy means many things and a natural and normal part of health is sex and sex appeal. We may not talk about this facet of our lives very often but it is an important part of our life, our energy and our well-being. Clothing, hair styles and fashion and fragrances come and go. But, the essence of sex appeal is simple and remains the same;–being fit, well balanced and having good posture.

Yes, more than any other single aspect, our posture- how we stand, move and walk – plays an important part in our appearance. And acts as a strong indicator of our underlying health. We just naturally like the graceful carriage of both the ballerina and the ball player.

How sacroiliac problems and sciatic affect your posture and sex appeal

However, many people can’t achieve good posture or a graceful carriage because  of pain  when  walking standing. This pain is most often due to either sacroiliac pain or sciatic leg pain, that interferes with both standing and walking.

The sacroiliac joints are where your pelvis meets your sacrum or tailbone. How can you tell when a person has a sacroiliac joint problem? Just look for the straightened lower back, with the forward leaning posture; most people who look like that will have stuck sacroiliac joints.  When your sacroiliac joints don’t move as well as they should, over time, you end up standing and walking in abnormal ways. Ways that don’t look good and don’t feel good. If your joints stay stuck, it changes your posture and gives you pain because that is what abnormal motion does; it changes us from normal graceful pain free motion to painful and awkward postures. Many people just accept these changes as if there was nothing that could be done. But that is not true. You can be restored to good posture, good health and pain free movement (and improved sex appeal).You do this by receiving the right care and learning the right things to do and not to do.

How to achieve better posture, health and sex appeal

So how can the average person improve their posture? Take a tip from ballerinas, ball players and Olympic athletes. Their secret is that most use chiropractic care to “even them out.” Regular chiropractic adjustments balance muscle groups and eliminate kinks and cricks that contribute to stiffness.

People need hands on care to free up their stuck sacroiliac joints. No drug, no exercise and no amount of waiting can restore motion to these stuck joints.

Once the stuck joints have been returned to normal motion the best exercises to regain your good posture are the Foundation Training exercises. We believe these exercises are the best thing for our patients’ long term health.

And That’s not all

We’re not all born with the balance, grace and posture of dancers and athletes. And it is something that we must all work at each day to resist growing weak and sick.  Dr. Steve and Dr. Ellen use a variety of techniques to restore motion, and improve muscle balance and coordination. This can be surprisingly helpful for people with everyday aches, pains and stiffness. Dr. Steve and Dr. Ellen even have several ways of loosening those stuck sacroiliac joints. After an examination, they choose the right method for your body that will be safe and comfortable.

Sciatica pain can also be helped right along with stuck sacroiliac joints because they often run together in a low back pain syndrome. Sciatica has a number of causes: irritated low back joints, a bulging disc, stuck sacroiliac joints, or even a muscle spasm in the buttock area. We start with an examination to determine which one or combination of these causes is irritating the sciatic nerve. Then we work to correct the condition so you are less likely to have the problem return.  And you not only feel better but look better too.

Good posture and freedom of movement help us both feel and look better.

When we move gracefully and feel good about ourselves, we can’t help but be more attractive and appealing.  And when we feel more attractive and appealing we have the energy to keep working on our health and posture because we enjoy feeling the benefits of applying what we have learned. It is one of the best forms of positive feedback to feel good and look good for improved sex appeal.