Sex appeal is an important part of our lives and our well-being. While clothing, hair styles and fashionable fragrances come and go, the essence of sex appeal remains the same – good posture and being fit. Sciatica due to a sacroiliac problem affects your posture. And it puts a crimp in your sex appeal as well.

Our posture- how we stand, move and walk – plays an important part not only in our appearance but in our overall health as well.

We naturally appreciate the graceful carriage of both the ballerina and the ball player. But, you can’t achieve a graceful carriage if you have the poor posture that leads to sciatica because that throws off your ability to move.

One of the common causes of sciatica, a sacroiliac problem, can make walking or balancing or even just standing painful and difficult.

In your lower back, your hips/pelvic bones hook onto the base of your spine at the sacroiliac joints.

Most people suffer some degree of lower back stiffness, poor posture, or muscle tightness at some time. These symptoms suggest a problem with the proper movement of the sacroiliac joints.

The straightened lower back, forward leaning posture and stiff gait of older people is most often due to stuck sacroiliac joints and long term poor posture. When your upper body leans forward, even slightly, your balance will be worse.

Stuck sacroiliac joints will also make it difficult to raise your leg like when putting on pants or socks or when climbing stairs.

Many people believe these aches and pain are just a “ part of life”. But,  most people can actually be helped without drugs and without surgery.

                                                What you can do

So how can the average person improve their posture? Take a tip from ballerinas, ball players and Olympic athletes.

Their secret is that most use chiropractic care to “even them out,” to balance muscle groups and to eliminate kinks and cricks in their joints (including the sacroiliac joints) that contribute to stiffness and balance issues.

We’re not all born with the balance, grace and posture of dancers and athletes. Even they have to constantly work at it. However, there is help that we can offer.

Here at Blomerth chiropractic Dr. Steve and Dr. Ellen use a variety of techniques to restore motion, and improve muscle balance and coordination. This can be surprisingly helpful for people with everyday aches, pains and stiffness.

Here is an example of the great posture improving and pain relieving exercises that we give our patients:

We even have several ways of loosening those stuck sacroiliac joints. After an examination, we choose the right method for your body that will be safe and comfortable. With proper care, we find our patients experience less pain, better movement and improved posture.  And, even sciatica can be helped.

Sciatica is a term meaning pain down the back of your thigh and lower leg.

Common Causes of Sciatica

  • irritated low back joints
  • a bulging low back disc
  • stuck sacroiliac joints
  • or even a muscle spasm in the buttock area

We start with an examination to determine which one or combination of these causes is irritating the sciatic nerve. Then we work to correct the condition so you are less likely to have the problem return. This way, you not only feel better but look better too.   

You want to keep that sex appeal in mind. How sexy would you be if you couldn’t get undressed or climb into bed or walk around without limping or moaning in pain?

Good posture and freedom of movement help people both feel better and look better. When we move gracefully and feel good about ourselves, we can’t help but be more attractive and appealing.

If you have:

 And if you would like to know what can be done about it….

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