Are you suffering sciatica pain? Are you afraid it won’t go away? Are you afraid of the drugs or the surgery you have heard about when your friends have had bad pain?  There are good, effective non-drug non-surgical ways to fix your problem and get you out of pain quickly. We have been helping people in Peabody Mass. for 37 years, without drugs and without surgery, so that their sciatica is gone and they are restored to normal pain-free function. Here is how we do it at Blomerth chiropractic….

Step 1

First we determine what is causing your sciatica pain symptoms. Sciatica pain may be due to a bulging low back disc, a stuck low back joint, or even a tight muscle spasm deep in your buttock.  Muscle imbalances due to poor posture and flat feet can also contribute to your sciatica pains. Many people don’t even know they have flat feet because they have never had a proper examination before.

Treatment Options

Once we have thoroughly examined you to check for all the hidden causes of your sciatica pain the treatment you receive may include several special non-surgical approaches to get you out of pain and back to normal as soon as possible. Here are a few ways we help people:

Chiropractic spinal adjustments align and restore proper motion to stuck/stiff joints because this takes tension off the irritated area.

Ultrasound or infrasound therapies relax tight and painful muscles.

Muscle therapies alleviate pain from ‘trigger points’ in muscles that often cause a surprising amount of your pain.

Stabilization exercises help you get out of pain as quickly as possible and then help you stay out of pain. By strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles you gain more stablility. And this means you are less likely to have problems in the future.

Kinesiotaping balances postural muscles and eases pain. (If your kids are into sports they may already know about this and call it K-tape.)

Casting your flat feet for special insoles called orthotics to help your foundation be stable and strong because your feet have a profound affect on your back.

Suggestions on how to use herbs, nutrition and ice to help reduce inflammation.

The Bottom Line

We have many forms of treatment to help people suffering sciatica. They are all safe, effective ways of restoring you to normal pain free function without drugs or surgery