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It is a new season for our Natural Health Today TV Show. Here are some of the questions sent in by our viewers and Dr. Steve’s answers. If you have any questions you would like to see answered on the show, simply send them to us by snail mail, or e-mail at in the send us a message box, or drop them by the office.


Questions From Our TV Viewers

Q from Karen: My husband hurt his back playing softball last Sunday. I’ve told him he should stretch more. Which stretches are best for him to avoid another “back attack”?

A:  Most  stretching fails if it is not part of a back strengthening exercise program. We incorporate core strengthening exercises as part of a total approach to help you re-gain health. The right strengthening exercises automatically stretch overly tight muscles and help you regain muscle balance.

Q from Bruce: My feet have been bothering me lately. The only thing that I can think of is I have been walking a lot more mowing my lawn. But I have always mowed my lawn by hand in the summer. But this summer my feet seem to be bothering me. My neighbor says    it sounds like “heel spurs” to him. What do you think?

A: Yes heel spurs could be one of many possibilities. You might have flat feet causing your foot pain.  When we examine our patients, we also look at their foot gear and show them what to look for in a functionally supportive shoe.  Special custom insoles we make often relieve our patients’ pain by correcting its cause.

Q from Arthur: My wife thinks I am overweight just because I huff and puff on the cellar stairs. Do I really need to go with her to Weight Watchers? It seems to take so long to lose weight, are there any ‘tricks’ that could help me?

A: Huffing and puffing on the cellar stairs may indicate heart or lung problems beyond just being overweight. Not everyone needs the Weight Watcher program if they learn the basic way to lose weight:  eat limited carbohydrates, have protein every 2-3 hours and do not skip meals (a low glycemic index diet). We give our patients a dietary diary to see what their eating trends are before suggesting an individualized approach for them. And if they have trouble losing weight, we lead them through a nutritionally based detox program to help their liver which makes weight loss easier.

Q from Edna: My daughter is in great shape. She takes gymnastics three days a week.  She has started having neck pains but she has not fallen on her neck. Is this just normal ‘growing pains’ for a child?

A: ‘Growing pains’ are not causing your daughter’s neck pain. Gymnastics are a great way to stay fit and develop coordination. But as in all sports there can be overuse injuries. Some children in gymnastics class become ‘too flexible’  which leads to pain. We check muscle balance and give exercises to enhance good spinal stabilization. We like to encourage sports like gymnastics for the good it can do. But we know that some children’s  gymnastics routines have caused them to lose some spinal stabilization which is just as important as flexibility.

Q from Shirley: I stay active between my garden, my bike and my yoga classes. But I have been waking in the morning with a stiff achy back. Don’t tell me to cut back on my activities just because I turned 50 last year. What do you recommend for someone like me who likes to stay active?

A: We recommend you stay with all your good activities. But adding chiropractic care makes sense just as going to a dentist makes sense. By examining you we find out which joints may be a little stuck, which muscles are weak, which muscles are tight and have trigger points. We also look to see if your feet are flat and whether your spine is crooked. Because knowing all these things helps us help you stay healthy and relieves your pain naturally. Your stiff achy back in the morning can be helped. The first step is finding what you need to add to keep up your good healthy life style.