Sometimes neuropathy occurs after a surgery. Anasthesia reactions in some people can cause neuropathy. On occasion, a nerve that was damaged during the surgery causes the neuropathy symptoms. A person with slight neuropathy before the surgery may experience worsened neuropathy afterwards.  And sometimes people simply experience post surgery non-neuropathy aches and pains that make life miserable. In many cases, these types of post surgical pain can be cleared or lessened, without drugs or more surgery. Here is how we help those people get better after their surgery….

Non-neuropathy post surgical aches and pains

For the ‘aches and pains’ people not suffering neuropathy the sooner they receive treatment the quicker they get better. However, we have successfully treated years old chronic post surgical pains many times. The treatments chosen depend on the cause of the pain.

One of the simplest reasons for a problem after surgery is due to the position of the person while they had their operation. For instance for surgery on a breast or a part of the chest, the patient’s arm is laid out to the side on an arm rest support. That position can lead to a shoulder joint going slightly out of alignment. That person now experiences shoulder pain that seems unrelated to their surgery. But a simple chiropractic adjustment can fix the problem in a visit or two.

It’s not just the shoulder because similar mis-alignments can happen in other parts of the body based on the position of the patient for their surgery.

Other Common Post-Surgery Problems

Another common post-surgery problem occurs when the area around the site of surgery locks up or builds up scar tissue. This results in losing normal mobility. We commonly see this in people with a replaced shoulder losing mobility of their shoulder blade and collar bone. People with a replaced knee often have hip and sacroiliac joint problems. Chiropractic adjustments restore that lost mobility so the pain and stiffness goes away. When the related joints work better, recovery happens better and quicker.

Neuropathy caused or worsened by surgery

Sometimes people  experience neuropathy symptoms after a surgery. In this case, the sooner the treatment begins, the better the chance of clearing or greatly reducing the symptoms.

The treatment for the nerve damage includes relaxing any tight muscles compressing the nerve. Also, aligning spinal joints to reduce irritation to the nervous system goes a long way to speeding healing. It also helps you feel an improved sense of well being. When needed, nutritional supplementation feeds the nerves what they need to heal. And electrical neurostimulation also speeds healing of  injured nerves.

The treatment for neuropathy symptoms is always individualized to the person’s needs depending on their condition, nutritional needs etc.

The Bottom Line

Are you, or someone you care about, are suffering post-surgical pains? If so, realize that there are a variety of all natural, non-drug treatments that may speed recovery and bring relief.

We offer a free 15 minute analysis to anyone wondering if we may be able to help them. The doctor will ask about their health concern and symptoms and then let them know if we can help, or not.

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