Do you suffer from peripheral neuropathy? Or do you know someone who does? What can you eat, how do you deal with depression, what exercise is all right? What non-drug treatments might help? This article and others like it give little low-tech tid bits to give you some ideas on how to help yourself. Or, where to turn if you need more help.
Diet: The value of veggies.

Want To Feel More Full While Eating Less? Fill up on colorful veggies. Vegetables are high in fiber which helps your stomach feel full. Fiber keeps your bowels regular. Fiber also slows digestion of your food so that your blood sugar rises and falls more gently. Vegetables are also high in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients and co-factors that boost your general health. Of course as much as possible, consuming organic vegetables is best.

Of course sometimes money is tight or it is hard to find organic vegetables at your local store. Then you want to limit eating the produce from the “Dirty Dozen” list. The federal government lists the produce that has the most pesticide and herbicide residue. For the 2017 -2018 Dirty Dozen list: Spinach, celery, tomatoes and potatoes make the list. Therefore, for these vegetables try to eat only the  organic ones or limit non-organic ones. And be sure to wash them well to remove as much chemical residue as possible.

Mental attitude: Do you suffer from depression?

Depression is more than just feeling sad or blue. It can make any pains or injury feel worse. A person suffering from depression no longer has interest in anything that used to give them pleasure. They may feel angry or irritable a lot. They may not want to be around other people and will draw into themselves, wallowing in their misery. Intellectually your brain will know that there is no reason to feel so bad, but emotionally, you feel miserable.

Often people suffer a mild depression this time of year which is called SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. For mild depression, adequate levels of high quality B complex vitamins  and Vitamin D can often help lessen symptoms. And  incidentally,the B vitamins and D also help nerves.

Exercise for when walking hurts

Some Neuropathy sufferers cannot walk far because of the pains in their feet. And  heavy pounding like on a treadmill or when jogging can make the neuropathy pains worse.

A good exercise if you have access to a pool or a Y with pool exercise classes is water aerobics. You can get a good aerobic workout and strengthen muscles by the resistance of moving them through the water, all while not bearing weight on your feet.

Chiropractic and Spinal stenosis:

Spinal stenosis is a common cause of neuropathy. Spinal stenosis occurs when bulging discs or arthritis of the spinal joints crowd the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Gentle chiropractic care that we offer at Neuropathy Northshore  allows the spine to move as best it can. Given a chance, often even a stenotic spine may move just enough to ease pressure on the involved nerves. The chiropractic adjustment allows the patient’s own body to make what changes it can, which is often just enough in conjunction with our combination of therapies to improve the person’s function and reduce neuropathy symptoms.

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