Here are five simple self help tips for peripheral neuropathy sufferers.

Move As Much As Possible!

Just move the big muscles in your legs as often and as much as you possibly can. Exercise, even very gently at first, improves circulation. Improved blood flow to the legs and feet will help nourish the damaged nerves of peripheral neuropathy. Stationary bicycles, water aerobics, gentle walking if you can, or elliptical machines are all good ways to move your muscles. Moving your muscles also improves your energy levels. Regularly used muscles are better calorie burners.

A Warm Bath Can Do Wonders:

Warm baths increase blood flow; reduce stress and aid  relaxation. All three benefits will make the pain of peripheral neuropathy a little easier to tolerate. But a word to the wise, check the water temperature a thermometer before you get in the bathtub. The nerve damage in your feet makes them an unreliable source for judging temperature. We like around 100 degrees Fahrenheit with some added minerals like Epsom salts (don’t be stingy when you put the Epsom salts in the water. They contain magnesium which relaxes tight and painful muscles).

Take Targeted Supplements:

Vitamins B-1, B-12, B-6 and folic acid are all vital to healthy nerves. We have found certain combinations in a professionally tailored package for each case often works best. Even if you eat a healthy diet, you may still not get the recommended daily amount of needed nutrients. However, talk to your health professional first before taking any supplements to make sure they won’t interact badly with the medications you’re taking.

Control—or, Better Yet, Eliminate Your Alcohol Intake:

High intake of alcohol is toxic to your nerves. And if the nerves are already damaged, it’s even worse. Some people think that a drink a day is good for your health. Current studies disagree. If you have nerve damage, that’s a chance you don’t need to take.  Don’t drink more than four alcoholic beverages a week if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Not drinking at all would be even better.

And Above All ElseDon’t give up. 

Self-care is vital to managing your peripheral neuropathy. However, trying to manage your condition alone without direction from a health care provider who understands your condition and can help you with vital information is not always wise.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Ellen Blomerth

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