We daily read and put into practice updates on best practices for keeping visitors to our office safe during the pandemic.  Our current Covid-19 protections include:
  1. Scheduling as much as possible one patient into the office at a time. Occasionally, someone will arrive early or take longer than expected before their treatment is finished. In those instances, we have one person wait in the treatment room until the front desk area is cleared.
  2. Only one pen is offered for sign in and paperwork. After the pen is used, it is cleaned with hospital grade germicide.
  3. The front desk area is wiped down with germicide as well as the doorknobs and anything else that was touched after each patient leaves.
  4. As always, the treatment tables and any equipment used and keyboards are wiped down with germicide after each patient leaves.
  5. Both doctors wear face masks during patient visits or whenever anyone such as delivery people enter the office.
  6. As always the doctors wash their hands after treating each patient and before treating an incoming patient.
  7. Doctors are wearing only washable (not dry clean-able) clothes that are washed after each wearing.
  8. If you are arriving after 5:30 at night, the building’s main doors are locked. Simply call us from your car and we will let you into the building.
  9. We ask that if you are running a fever, or are having difficulty breathing that you do not visit our office. Call your primary care physician instead for directions on what actions you should take. If you do not currently have a primary physician, you may contact an urgent care facility. Or, we can give you a referral to a large family physician practice who may be able to accept you as a patient.