Shoulder pain is not fun. Not only can the pain sap your enjoyment of life, but along with the pain, often comes loss of full shoulder mobility.  Your shoulder needs to be a very mobile joint so you can do all sorts of activities from doing cartwheels to lifting and reaching things and swimming in the summer. The trade off with having so much mobility is that the shoulder has less stability than a joint like the hip. Because of this, a shoulder can have more problems than a hip. Athletic and recreational activities, or at work activities or a fall or other accidents can injure shoulders. And the shoulder does not even need an injury to suffer pain. Shoulders can become painful from something as simple as poor posture. Whatever the cause though, when your shoulder hurts, you want to look for shoulder pain treatments.

Unfortunately, many people suffering shoulder pain think that they need to see an orthopedic surgeon. But here is the simple truth; most people with shoulder pain do not need surgery. Save surgery for a severe injury, or a tendon tear or severe joint degeneration. Most people do not have these serious conditions.

In many cases of shoulder pain, there are often effective non-drug, non-surgical shoulder pain treatments that we offer at our chiropractic office. We have been helping people with shoulder problems at our office for 36 years now. Here is more information about shoulders, and shoulder pain treatments we thought you would find helpful….

What part of the shoulder is causing the pain?

To help a hurt shoulder, first we determine the part or parts of the shoulder complex causing the pain or problem. We check the joint itself for an injury or arthritis. Next we test the muscles attached to the shoulder joint like the rotator cuff muscles. We find out if a tendon is involved. Sometimes we find no damage to the painful shoulder with the true culprit causing pain being a distant trigger point referring pain to the shoulder. The pain may be due to any combination of these. Even bad posture can eventually cause shoulder pain and degeneration.

So we start with simple yet direct tests that tell us a lot. First we ask: “Where do you feel the pain?” Your pointing to where it hurts tips us off as to what structures to examine. We may have you hold your arm in different positions and against resistance. These types of tests help us determine which muscles and parts of the shoulder may be involved.

Trigger points in muscles distant  from the shoulder may refer pain to the area. So, we also look at all the muscles that can move, stabilize or refer pain to your shoulder.


Which shoulder pain treatments can help?

For an arthritic shoulder often ultrasound treatments along with Graston myofascial release and then gentle exercises can be a good combination of shoulder pain treatments.

For an acute shoulder injury such as from a fall… we may take an x-ray to rule out a dislocation or fracture. Treatments may include gentle trigger point work, kinesio-taping, and upper back adjustments, and shoulder mobilization, to restore normal function and to decrease pain. After the initial pains subside then the correct rehabilitative exercises are important. So, we teach you the right ones to do.

For referred pain, finding the offending trigger point and then treating that can usually clear the pain.

Transverse friction massage or Graston work often restores good motion to joints that had prior surgery or injuries by clearing old scar tissue and tendon or muscle restrictions that stop your shoulder from normal function and motion.

Chiropractic adjustments of the shoulder blade and collarbone as well as of the spine can often restore full motion to a shoulder joint, even if it has been restricted for months or years.

What else can be done?

And for that poor posture cause of shoulder pain, we teach effective exercises that do not require expensive equipment or a gym and that only take  a few minutes a day. These include the Foundation Training exercises from their latest on-line series called Rotational Disturbances.  Also we will check to see if your feet are causing a postural problem that can affect your shoulders as we have talked about in a previous blog.

So as you can see: there are a range of treatments that we can offer. So what have you got to gain by giving our non-surgical shoulder pain treatments a try? Improved shoulder motion, more ability to reach things, less pain as you go about your daily life.

Why suffer? Do you want to find out if we can help you? Just give us a call at 978-535-6155 today.