Did you know that there are a number of non-drug back pain treatments offered here in Peabody, MA? At Blomerth Chiropractic we have a variety of ways to help with both acute and chronic back pain conditions. Here are some of the ways we may be able to ease the suffering caused by back pain.


First the key to helping any condition is taking a detailed history. As holistic chiropractors, we look for all the various problems that may be contributing to back pain. Is there a problem with your spine, or feet or hips? Does your posture or how you sit or sleep or stand keep your pain coming back? Have you suffered a new or old injury. Does your diet provide the nutrients your body needs to heal the injury? Do you have diabetes or arthritis or some other disease contributing to the problem? These questions are just a sampling of what we take into consideration. We often ask other questions specific to the person coming in to us for care.


Next we do an exam to determine what may be causing the problem and what our choices of therapies would be to improve your health issue. If you don’t know what is wrong how can you fix it? The exam and the history tell us what is wrong beyond just the symptom of “my back hurts”. We want to know as much as possible what is causing your back pain.


Once we know what is causing or contributing to the back pain, then we have options of treatment. Treatment may be as simple as a few chiropractic adjustments or as complex as a full month or two long treatment plan  with a variety of therapies. What is suggested depends on how simple or complex the cause of the back pain is, how long the problem has persisted, and on your ability to heal.

Treatment options may be

  • traditional or light force chiropractic adjustments
  • massage therapies
  • myofascial trigger point work
  • ultrasound treatments (old arthritic joints love ultrasound)
  • neurostimulation treatments for injured nerves
  • near infrared LED treatments (a type of non heating and non surgical low level laser-type treatment) to reduce pain and stimulate healing
  • Nutritional interventions or supplementation
  • Exercise therapy to strengthen weak muscles or to stretch tight muscles
  • Orthotics to support dropped arches or other foot problems that can contribute to back pains

We strive to work with you as a team. We give you information about how to help yourself at home. The more you know what to do for yourself, the faster you can heal. It is also important to know what you are doing that might be hurting yourself so you can make changes to help yourself.

All this without drugs or surgery.

So, why suffer? If you have a back issue that needs help, simply call us at 978-535-6155 for a convenient appointment.