Dr. Ellen is a registered Neuropathy doctor. She helps people suffering from the tingling, burning pain and numbness of neruopathy improve the quality of their lives. Dr. Ellen uses a unique new combination of therapies shown by research to improve this painful condition. To ask for a free neuropathy consult, click on Contact Us, enter your information and put free neuropathy consult in the message box. For a free neuropathy report click on Contact Us, enter your contact information and put free neuropathy report in the message box.


Neuropathy treatment protocols include gentle hands-on treatments, nutrition and diet instruction, exercise instruction and a specialized neurostimulation therapy to restore nerve function to nerves damaged by diabetes, chemotherapy, prescription drug side effects, and compression injuries.


This new cutting edge therapy dramatically reduces pain, burning and tingling, fosters your own independence too…


Until now, most treatments have focused only on symptom control, largely by way of drugs, and blood sugar control in diabetic patients. Physical Therapy alone often provides little if any lasting relief. As you know, drug costs as well as medication side effects have left us all wishing there were better treatments. Well, now there are! Using a combined program of patient care which includes nutrition and diet education, exercise and rehab therapies. Plus, we use clinically tested pain free electrotherapy. With additional massage techniques and spinal manual therapies where indicated, patients can achieve not only lasting relief, but long term self management. Most patients can then be transitioned to home care with a successful clinical trial.


Research has found that the body not only responds favorably to this frequency, but the brain is induced to release large amounts of endorphins. The effect of this is a generalized sense of well-being, a reduction in pain and anxiety levels elsewhere in the body, and even a reduction in emotional pain. Long term clinical applications suggest some normalization of function is occurring*.


We use only High Quality professional and research supported nutrition products. We are always available for follow up exercise and physical modalities, and refer each patient back to your MD for careful monitoring of your medical conditions.


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