I recently spent a Saturday with Dr. Phillips, the inventor of the ReBuilder ™ unit and with Dr. Hayes, the developer of the neuropathy protocols that we use to help people suffering from neuropathy. Dr. Phillips offered a wealth of information to help speed the healing of some of our patients with the most difficult cases. While you may not be suffering from multiple severe conditions, this tip from Dr. Phillips may help you as well.

Part of the injury that causes neuropathy is lack of oxygen to the involved nerves. A simple deep breathing exercise will increase oxygen in your blood and so to your nerves as well. Lie on your back on a comfortable surface. Place your hands on your abdomen. Slowly take in as deep a breath as possible, while feeling your abdomen rise towards the ceiling. Then slowly let out your breath while feeling your abdomen fall back down towards your backbone. Only your abdomen should be moving, up with the in breath, down with the out breath. Take slow deep breaths. Try to do at least 10 repetitions of deep breathing at least once a day.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Ellen Blomerth, registered neuropathy dr.