A Case of Diabetic Neuropathy Responds to Care in 5 Weeks!

Ron A. was working hard to control his blood sugar and get off his medications. However, he has developed neuropathy symptoms so bad in his feet he ended up in the hospital. Even after his stay in the hospital, he felt sensations of insects all over his feet that would keep him up at night. He was also getting sharp electrical pains across he tops of his feet. His feet felt sore and tired all the time. His balance was suffering which was bad because he climbed ladders a lot on his job.


However, Ron has heard about the neuropathy treatments we offered and decided to try it out. On examination we found that Ron did indeed have neuropathy not only in his feet but in his hands as well. Besides his diabetes aggravating his nerves, we also found Ron has some disc problems in both his neck and his lower back that were also compressing his nerves when he moved in certain directions.


Ron decided to try the nuorpath care we suggested. How did he do? Well, Ron is walking, sometimes as much as 20 miles a day. He only occasionally feels a little tingling in his legs and his hands and feet feel much better. He feels his balance is much more stable and he feels safer when climbing the ladders at work. Within a couple of months he feels 50% improved over his inital visit and is much less miserable. Ron continues to kep is blood sugar controlled. He has now transferred to home care, no longer having to come into the office for treatments. At home, he contines to treat his conditon with his ReBuilder unit that helps restore nerve function and takes his nutrients to continue to repair the damaged nerves. Congratulations, Ron on such a good result, we are glad you feel so much beter. Also, thank you Ron for agreeing to share your story.

You can learn more about the specialized ReBuilder electrical therapy unit we use to restore nerve function at www.RebuilderMedical.com You can learn more about our office and approach to treatment at www.neuropathynorthshore.com