Have you slipped or  fallen on black ice? Did you shovel or clean the snow and ice off your car and found out you had pain later? Have you been in an auto accident? Or have you simply woken up one day with your neck hurting and stiff for no apparent reason? Neck pain can make every little move you make excruciating.  Pain and spasm may keep you from moving your head at all.

Neck pain with stiffness can make driving almost impossible and  give you a terrible headache too.

People really start to  worry when the pain feeling goes down their arms and  into their back and chest. Most people find that aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen don’t work too well. They also wonder where they can go for help because most people have learned how badly neck and back surgery can turn out. For gentle and effective neck pain treatments in Peabody, MA.  Read on and find out.

Here at Blomerth Chiropractic we specialize in neck pain treatments because we have been patients ourselves.

 We have fallen on the ice, wiped out skiing, and been rear ended in car accidents. So we know about neck pain from injuries.

We too experienced the long waiting times in hospital Emergency Rooms. Before becoming chiropractors we too were given neck braces and ‘muscle relaxant’ drugs that put people in a fog but don’t stop the pain. We don’t want our patients to experience those poor results.

We treat you the way we prefer to be treated

The best care that we have received as patients for our own neck injuries has been chiropractic care, because that type of gentle but thorough care helps correct and reset the painful joints and muscle strains that happen to the entire body when you have injured your neck in an accident or fall.

We use our x-ray machine to examine your bones to make sure you don’t have a fracture.  We perform neurologic and orthopedic tests to find out if you have nerve or joint damage from your accident.

But unlike in an Emergency Room you will not be waiting for hours to be seen. You also  won’t end up sleepy and out of sorts from ‘muscle relaxant’ drugs. Or, stiff from wearing a neck brace. (Few people really benefit from wearing the typical neck brace often given at the ER. But a few do, so we use them sparingly when it actually helps.)

The Best Neck Pain Treatments

When people suffer a fall, a car accident or any type of traumatic injury the most important thing is to have an exam. An exam makes sure there are no broken bones and no loss of normal nerve function. We do both of those things for people without a long wait. But just as important, chiropractic care for joints and muscles relieves pain and promotes healing without dangerous drugs.

Most patients start to feel better right away. The sooner your joints and muscles receive, proper treatment the sooner they return to moving and working properly again. So  you return to feeling normal sooner.

We learned these things through our training, through personal experience and through being in practice for 35 years. What we learned as both patients and doctors is what we bring to treating each patient in a safe and gentle manner to get the best result as quickly as possible. Our knowledge and experience results in quality and effective care.

Please pass on this information to a friend or loved one.

People often hurt so badly, they don’t know how chiropractic care could possibly help them feel better. By pressing on ligaments and muscles distant from the injured area, the entire spine can be aligned without touching the painful spot. Treatment for severe injuries is very gentle and aimed at calming the pain and dysfunction as rapidly as possible.

Besides the gentle adjustment, we use ultrasound, infrasound, microcurrent therapy, and muscle work along with nutritional approaches to clear up the inflammation and pain. We suggest exercises to heal and strengthen the area that was hurt. This approach avoids many problems in the future that simply taking pain killers would not help.

If you have injured your neck please call and come in as soon as possible. If someone you know has been hurt, have them give us a call and we will be glad to let them know how we can help.   You can get gentle, effective neck pain treatments right here in Peabody, MA at 978-535-6155.


Neck Pain Treatments