Click on for “Natural Health Today”. Or, click on broadcast schedule under the community access tab, for airing times on which stations. Or you can watch Natural Health Today on Comcast channel 99. Here are some recent questions from viewers and our answers:

Q: My Mom just found out that she has spinal arthritis. Her MD is recommending surgery for her back and I am a little afraid for her. Her doctor says the arthritis will never go away on its own, but she could have it scraped out. What would you do if it was your Mom?

A: Spinal surgery is rarely necessary for people with arthritis. It should never be recommended for anyone unless all other conservative measures like Chiropractic had been tried. It is true that the arthritis seen in your Mom’s x-rays will not go away. But Chiropractic care with its unique combination of restoring movement to stuck joints, trigger point therapy for the muscles that produce pain and special Foundation Training exercises to improve posture and spinal stability can restore a lot of your Mom’s function and reduce or eliminate her pain. And the best thing is your Mom can greatly improve without drugs or surgery.

Q: I can’t figure out why my calf muscles feel so tight. I have been doing the runners calf stretch for years. Could it be my feet?

A: Calf tightness can be affected by having either a flat foot or a high arch. But the calf stretches can only take you so far. We look at our patient’s feet and we make a special custom arch support if needed. And then we add hands on treatment to the calf and the special Dynamic Range of Motion exercise, the Shin Pull, to help you achieve muscle balance.

Q: My daughter got me to switch over to a vegetarian diet last year. And I have been pretty happy with the weight loss I have had. But for the past couple of months I have been more tired than usual. Is this a normal adjustment I need to get over to get used to this way of eating?

A: The hidden danger in being entirely vegetarian is that it is hard to get enough complete protein in your diet. And it is impossible to get any vitamin B-12 when you are a vegan (no eggs or dairy) vegetarian. B-12 is essential for making red blood cells as well as for making the sheath that covers our most important nerves. We carry a good B-vitamin complex that includes B-12 for our patients who are vegetarian. You will become anemic and tired if you have no B-12 in your diet. And without enough complete protein your body’s immune system will find it hard to
fight off disease.

Q: What is the best exercise to get my husband up and moving again. He’s putting on weight.
He says he doesn’t want to walk because his feet and knees hurt. I know he needs to be more
active, but what can he do if even walking hurts?

A: If even walking hurts your husband needs to receive good chiropractic care to decrease his foot and knee pain in a gentle and conservative manner. Later you can also explore swimming and water exercises, but people who have a hard time walking due to pain can lose their health quickly from inactivity. Weight loss is important for health but your first consideration is to restore normal walking with good chiropractic care, this can help a lot without the harm of opioid drugs.