Click on for “Natural Health Today”. Or, click on broadcast schedule under the community access tab, for airing times on which stations. Or you can watch Natural Health Today on Comcast channel 99. Here are some recent questions from viewers and our answers:

Q: Michelle from Danvers: I have a sore left forearm. I think it’s from using it more lately since I had a problem with my right shoulder. There is a bruise on my forearm but I don’t remember hitting it hard enough to bruise it. Can you get like that if you don’t remember hitting it?

A: When you get bruises that you don’t remember, there are several possible causes. Lack of Vitamin C or Vitamin K are two simple reasons that you could explore by taking a nutritional supplement that had either Vitamin C or K or both in its formula. Take a good supplement for a month or 2 and see if you bruise less readily. There are more serious reasons for unexplained bruising that you can explore, but it is usually best to start with the simplest reasons first.

Q: Dave from Middleton: I have been getting knee pain lately after I play street hockey with my kids. It seems to last a few days after I play, do you have any home remedies I can try to help myself? I have already tried using ice but it doesn’t really help for long.

A: A simple home remedy for uncomplicated knee pain is to press on the front and sides of your quadricep muscle on front of your thigh starting just above your knee cap. Look for a surprisingly tender and stiff spot. Rub your arm back and forth across the spot to do a deep tissue massage. If done correctly the soreness will ease after 2 minutes. When you have only 50% of the pain or less you can stop. Then put an ice pack on it for 15 minutes. For many that is enough to stop the pain. If this helps, you can do it once or twice during the street hockey season.

Q: Sarah from West Peabody:My boy friend’s tongue looks white and coated to me, even when he is not sick. I don’t think it’s normal but he says it’s been that way for a while. He uses mouth wash and brushes his teeth a lot but it still doesn’t go away. Do you think he could be sick?

A: A healthy tongue should be pink and not coated or white. The most common reason for discoloration, when a person is not actively sick, is due a yeast over growth. Yeast over growth is usually the result of consumption of sugar, fruit juices and flour and it can make you ill in ways that you might not expect. It is frequently the cause behind allergies, food sensitivities, repeated urinary tract infections and chronic bad breath even if you brush your teeth several times daily. The solution is to eat properly and avoid foods containing sugars and flour because yeast over growth is not healthy in so many ways.