Click on for “Natural Health Today”. Here are some recent questions from viewers and our answers:

Q: Phyllis from Middleton: I had some chest pain recently. It bothered me so much that I went to the local E.R. I had so many tests that day that I can’t remember them all. But by the end of the day they let me go and said it was not my heart, so now what do I do?

A: If the ER has checked you out and your heart is OK and you still have a sharp pain that increases when you take several short quick breaths, you more likely have a rib out of place. Give us a call to check your ribs. We can help when the problem is a misaligned rib.

Q: Robert from Danvers: I play upright and electric bass for a living and I get a tingling feeling into my left hand if I have had a busy week. I looked up the symptoms on line. It said it was carpal tunnel. I don’t want to have surgery because I can’t afford to be out of work that long, my MD said that I might lose strength in my hand if I don’t have it fixed. What can I do?

A: 90% of people with carpal tunnel symptoms do need surgery so your chances are good that you won’t need it either. Also just because the symptoms are in your hand doesn’t mean that that is where most of the problem is located. The discomfort you feel  can be coming from a combination of forearm muscles, neck joints and your posture. We treat these reasons that can cause carpal tunnel symptoms with great success at our office without drugs or surgery.

Q: Nancy from West Peabody: I feel tired a lot and I have headaches 2-3 days a week. I think it’s just normal because I am in my 60s but my friends say they don’t feel that way and I should get myself examined. At my last physical I was told I was in good shape for my age, what should I do? Should I go to a headache specialist?

A: It is not normal at all to have headaches 2-3 days a week even in your 60s. Your physical exam probably did not check how the joints move in your neck and upper back and probably didn’t check for common trigger points that are commonly responsible for 80-90% of headaches. Prescription medications will not correct any musculoskeletal headache causes Or, there might be a nutritional component. As holistic chiropractors, we check for these common causes of headaches and fatigue and then offer low-tech, drug free options for treatment.

Q: Michelle from Middleton: After shoulder surgery in May from a  snowboarding accident, my left shoulder still can’t move like it should after therapy. What else can I do?

A: After the trauma of surgery and rehab therapy, there often are hidden trigger points that are usually not located right at the site of the surgical repair causing continued symptoms. You will probably benefit our treatments that focus on all the muscles and trigger points that have not been released with proper hands on care. When you receive the right care it does not take 6 months to start seeing an improvement, you will see a little improvement from the very first day. We do this type of care right here in our office with great results. People with prior surgeries do not have to stay stiff and limited when they receive the proper care that includes trigger point release and exercises improve their posture to get back to normal.