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Q: Kelly from West Peabody: My knee has been hurting after a 2 mile walk and run I have been doing lately. Do you think that means I should get a new treadmill?  I never had the pain when I used to run on it in the past so it must be wearing out.

A: Treadmills are not the best idea for a good running work out. Treadmills don’t wear out as much as they wear out your knee joints because it is an unnatural motion for your knee muscles. The knee stabilization muscles don’t ordinarily have to contract as hard to prevent your knee from buckling because of the way the belt keeps coming at your feet. Many people who develop knee pain also have an un-diagnosed flat foot that can be helped by the orthotics we make for the insoles of your shoes.  Running can benefit your heart, brain, and your total body health, so rather than give it up prematurely, it would be good to have your knee pain investigated and treated without the dangers of drugs or surgery so you can receive all those good benefits of running.  Most knee pain conditions respond very well to the hands on care we provide to our patients because it helps fix the cause of your knee pain instead of masking it with a drug.

Q: George from Beverly: I have been told the pain in my right elbow is ‘tennis elbow” but I have never played tennis. The elbow brace wrap they gave me hasn’t helped. Do you have any idea what is causing my elbow to hurt, because now just picking up a bottle of milk hurts.

A: You don’t have to play tennis to get tennis elbow because it comes from repetitive motion of the wrist which could come from other activities. An elbow brace doesn’t help because it is not elbow motion that causes ‘ tennis elbow’, it is wrist motion that hurts your elbow, as in picking up a bottle of milk. Part of the treatment for tennis elbow is to limit wrist motion with a wrist brace. We also use hands on treatment including Fascial Manipulation technique to free up tissue around the involved elbow which is often helpful.

Q:  Peggy from Danvers: I had a slipped disc three years ago. The surgeon said it would be best if he removed the disc so I had the operation to take it out. But now, three years later, I still have the same pain even after going to the Physical Therapy and taking eleven different drugs. Why is this taking so long to get better?

A:  It was probably not your slipped disc that was the real cause of your pain. Low back and neck pain are often blamed on how the x-ray, the MRI or the C-T scan looks. But looking bad on film and being the real cause of your pain can be two very different things. If you keep on having pain after the ‘bad looking’ disc is taken out by surgery, then the disc was not the cause of your pain.  I have treated many patients who have had back surgery and hip replacements to stop their pain. But when their pain persists even after surgery it is clear that the way the disc or the hip looked was not the real cause of pain. And it is actually far more common for trigger points and stuck joints to be the real cause of pain. Those do not go away or feel better when a person has surgery. And they are not something that is detected even with all the high tech imaging that medical doctors use. They are found by hands on examination and they require hands on care by the type of doctor who knows how to find and treat them to restore your normal function. We are the type of doctors who know how to find and relieve trigger points, stuck joints and muscle imbalances that are at the heart of most day to day pains.