Headaches are hard to ignore. You may be able to take your mind off  most other pains, but headache pain gets ‘in your head’. (Even when it often has nothing to do with your head!) It’s true  that anyone can get an occasional headache. But it is never normal to have headaches every day or week or even several times a month. Is it common for people to have that many headaches? Yes. But is it normal? No, it is never normal, because it means things are not working right.  Here are some facts about the  reasons for most common causes of headache and what drug-free natural approaches can help you feel better.

Common Causes of Headaches

  • headaches due to tight muscles in the neck, upper back or jaw…the headache may feel worse than the tight muscle.
  • misaligned or locked up joints in spine…you may not even feel the stuck joints if you have had this type of headache a long time.
  • postural imbalances causing head forward posture or uneven muscle pulling on neck, shoulders and skull….people can develop bad habits so they lose track of what good posture looks like and feels like
  • TMJ (jaw) misalignment….anyone who had had braces on their teeth, this can be YOU.
  • Toxic headaches (alcohol, food sensitivities, mold/mildew exposure, chemical/pollutant exposures)….these sensitivities can fool you because there can be several hours to a day delay between exposure and the start of your headache.
  • Hormonal imbalances….people grow into this slowly, but this is likely if you have PMS, are a peri-menopausal woman, diabetic or overweight.
  • Sinus irritation….this can be obvious when you are actively sneezing or have a cold but habitual sniffling is also a sign of sinus irritation.


Natural Treatments for Headaches

1.First and foremost, chiropractic adjustments and trigger point muscle work frees up stiff spinal joints and restores both joints and muscles to work properly and not cause headache pain. Locked up spinal joints and overly tight muscles with trigger points cause most common headaches. Joints and muscles affect one another all over our body from head to toe. This is why freeing a stuck sacroiliac joint at the base of the spine can relieve neck tightness causing your headache. The pain relief can seem miraculous, but we see these miracles in our office all the time after 36 years of taking care of people with headaches.

Also, upper neck joints balance the TMJ joints. If  a jaw imbalance causes the headache, the upper neck            joints need adjusting along with balancing of the TMJ for the correction to be more long lasting

2. If you have the postural imbalances of a  head forward posture, with forward rounding shoulders this is  virtually certain to be a major part of your headache causes.

  • Correction for this headache cause may even involve checking your feet for fallen arches because it leads to the head forward and slouched upper back posture.
  • Specialized exercises to stretch the tight muscles and strengthen weak ones help correct the postural imbalances as well.
  • Here at Blomerth Chiropractic we also give you ideas on how to correct your ergonomics at work and home.
  • We  also teach you the best exercises to make your body stable with good posture through Foundation Training Exercises so you are not doing things that can worsen your condition. ……https://www.foundationtraining.com/

Other Natural Treatments Help As Well

  • Toxic headaches require a more nutritional approach. An elimination diet helps determine what foods might be causing a problem. We give lists of processed food ingredients that often cause headaches. We may take you through a liver detoxifying cleanse (the liver is the organ that cleans your blood) to lessen toxic loads of pollutants from their body. There may also be nutrient deficiencies or excesses that need to be addressed. Some research papers suggest that 85% of migraine headaches are due to toxicity to a food, food additive or pollutant.
  •  Hormonal imbalances are also treated with a combination of:

– chiropractic adjustments to improve nerve flow to the organs or glands that are affected

– nutritional use of diet changes, vitamin and herbal supplementation

  • Sinus irritation is treated with a combination of gentle cranial adjustments and nutritional approaches along with information on how to do nasal washes.

Do You Need Help?

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