This article features questions from the Natural Health Today TV show hosted by Dr. Steve. Here are some answers about post work out muscle cramps, knee pains and daily headaches.

Post-workout Muscle Cramps

Karen from Danversport: I have been getting muscle cramps lately after I work out. I am drinking sports drinks like Gatorade but it doesn’t seem to help, what do you recommend.

Answer: If you perspire a lot during your work out it is a very good idea to replace not only the water that you lose in perspiration and panting but also something that you cannot see, called electrolytes.

Unfortunately most sports drinks only give you the electrolytes that are easiest and cheapest to replace; sodium and chloride.

The missing ingredient is often magnesium, which not only costs more to put in the sports drink but is chronically low in the diet of most people. The best solution is to not only take a good supplement that includes magnesium lactate, or magnesium glycinate but be sure your sports drink has magnesium in it as well. We need about to take in about 600 mg of magnesium per day in order to stay healthy.

 What Is a good Knee Brace for Knee Pain?

Carl from Danvers: I have had some knee pain playing softball lately, is there some sort of brace I can wear to help? The ones from the drug store don’t seem to help at all.

Answer: Yes, there is a great and very supportive brace called a Schultz Brace that is light but works well for active sports to give more support than your typical drug store brace. I have used this brace personally while playing softball, tennis and mountain climbing. What makes this brace different is it has special supportive ‘fingers’ inside it that are designed to reinforce your knee in all the directions of your knee ligaments. The Schultz brace is not easy to find because it is only made by one small company but our office usually keeps a few on hand.

 Are Daily Afternoon Headaches Normal?

Susan from West Peabody: My friend has been trying to tell me that having headaches every afternoon about 2 o’clock is just normal for her, because she has been that way for years. But I say that is not normal at all. Who is right?

Answer: You are right, Susan. If your friend was truly healthy she would not be having headaches every afternoon. What she is really saying is that these headaches are ‘common’ for her and she accepts them as part of her daily routine.

But headaches are a symptom that something is wrong, even if they happen every day. The most common types of headache are caused by lack of normal movement of bones in the neck  or by clenching the jaw both of which  can be treated successfully by good chiropractic care.

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