Neuropathy and Chronic Pain  A morning “Game Plan”

 When conditions like neuropathy and chronic pain linger, you need a good strategy to take back control of your life. Both neuropathy and chronic pain include inflammation as well as a decreased background level of health. So, you need a “game plan” that will increase your health and decrease your inflammation

Studies have found that people with good routines do better, suffer less pain and  have less life disruption. (And that includes suffering less depression that comes with a a long term problem.)

So what does a daily morning ‘Game Plan’ look like? Something like this…

  1. Get up at a set time every day. Be sure to stay well dressed and completely warm and comfortable year round. Next, drink a warm beverage like coffee or tea. Avoid sugar and avoid artificial sweeteners.  If you prefer your beverage sweetened use a little stevia instead but never aspartame, saccharine or ‘sweet and low’. Ideally, you will be sipping your beverage while reading something inspiring or informative, or meditating or prayer. It doesn’t have to be too long just something that sets a good tone to start your day.
  2. Within 30 minutes of rising, eat a high protein meal. This could be a couple of omega 3 eggs, whatever meat you like or a high quality protein shake. Protein shakes are not all good, however, and you will need to check to see that the amount of protein and fats are 2 to 3 times higher than the amount of carbohydrates. No bagels, toast or English muffins  allowed.
  3. Next  enjoy some light activity like a walk, gentle bike ride, and some stretching or tai chi or yoga. It’s crucial that you stay well fed and warm to get the most pain reduction and healing benefits.
  4. After a shower or bath, get yourself to therapy if it is a treatment day.
  5. If it is not a treatment day, engage in some good self-treatment! Typically our neuropathy patients use a home care kit. Along with medications, this may include dietary supplements, heat packs, topical creams and often an electrical neurostimulator. This self care could take up to an hour.
  6. And then get on with your day! Remember, a gluten and dairy free diet high in vegetables and lean protein works best for most neuropathy and chronic pain patients. Low carbohydrate, high quality snacks like nuts and small amounts of low glycemic index fruit (like blueberries) should be consumed so you are never going more than 3 hours without refueling. Keep your life as simple and free of distraction as possible.

At the end of your day, repeat your self care routine and stick to the diet plan above.

Make the effort and give yourself time

This has proven to be a winning “game plan”  routine for many neuropathy and chronic pain patients and it can help you too!  It takes some effort to change what you do. But if you have had neuropathy or spinal pain a long time it makes sense to change what has not been working for you into something that has worked for many people.

Should you like more information on neuropathy care, please call us to schedule a free 15 minute neuropathy consultation at 978-535-6155.