When they experience low back pain most people try heat, ice, sleeping on the floor, even taking pain pills hoping their pain will go away. But the more you don’t know, the more likely you may experience serious disc or nerve injury or even something worse.

Mild low back pain that clears in a couple of days with a little rest, tender care, and a couple of pain pills is usually nothing to worry about. But if your pain kep recurring, even if you are active, or if it continues longer than a week, you would be wise to get it checked out.

Low back pain is nt as simple as it sounds. The pain can range from a mild ache to severe debilitating agony that leaves te sufferer lying on their back unable to move.

Here at Blomerth Chiropractic, when a person with low back pain comes to us for help, the first thing we do s try to figure out what part, or parts, of their body is causing the pain. The injury may be due to muscles, joints,bones, ligaments, tendons, discs, nerves. Or…it could be an internal problem with an organ referring to pain to the lower back. Kidney inflammation or kidney stones, inflamatory pelvin disease, bowl and uterine, even prostate problems and in very rare cases cancer can all refer pain to the ower back and sometimes can fel just like a stiff painful muscle.

How bad it hurts does not tell you what is hurt. I’ve seen muscle spasms land people in the hospital while other were walking around with bulging discs and continuing to work.

It if turns out to be something simple, like stuck joints or pulled muscles, a few visits might be al it takes to clear the problem. More serious conditions like a disc bulge or pinched nerves take longer to heal. We take care of disc problems all the time and most can be treated without surgery. If ther is an internal organ problem or if your back condition is too severe for us to treat, then we refer you to the proper doctor for treatment. If your lower back pain is not healing with a week or so…do not ignore it. Low back pain conditions are much more simple and faster to treat when new. And while we often successfully treat even long standing back pain conditions, it takes longer to heal and becomes a more complex problem the longer you have had the condition. So if you have been suffering with lower back pain…don’t wait!

Give us a call, even if your medical doctors do not have good answers for you, to find out i ter may be something we can do to help. For the month of October, we are offering free low back pain consultations where we sit down with you, discuss your condition and let you know if we can help. Why suffer unnecessarily? Give us a call today at 978-535-6155