We have all felt that way. ‘Just Fix It!’ is what we say in our minds when we are tired of having a pain or a problem. But most of the problems that people get are not due to a sudden thunderclap; they are de to slow accumulation of many little problems that result in giving us pain, stiffness or inability to do what we used to do. But we would like the fix of the problem to be instantaneous. It’s only human nature to want to be better vernght even if the problem was the result of several factors buildng up.

So people will search for drugs to correct their problem right away. They will bring their problem to the surgeon to cut it out, ‘Just Fix It’. Unforunately the most common problems are not cured by drugs nor corrected by surgery. When the drugs wear off or the surgery fails the most common problems persist. And people say, “I guess I must just live with it”

But there is a third path, to restore normal function. Chiropractic care restores normal function to correct many of the factors or conditions that may lead to your pain. And that involves working with you through our hands on care and special exercises. And it involves you working with us through maximizing your healing through good nutrition. But ther is no simple ‘Just Fix It’. There is the steady process of findng and fixing al the factors that led to your pain.

We sometimes findtha tpeole with headaches may be sleeping face down and may be skipping meals during the day. This has a gradual but steady impact on them; but it takes time to change these things for the better.

We find that people with knee pin may have flat feet, wear bad shoes, and have a stuck sacroiliac joint. And that take time to find, correct and restore to normal.

The biggest difference between our approach and taking a drug or having surgery is you own participation. Because what we do requires your active participation, and the time it takes to fully find and correct all the aspects that lead to your pain.  Bu the botton line result is that you are not only out of pain and feel less stiff you are healthier all over too. Tha is what it means to be a ‘holistic practitioner’ it means that you better all over. Because that is the best to also get your specfic symptom better too.

And that is how we ‘Just Fix It’