“I can’t reach behind me or even comb my hair because I can;t move my arm any more,” Ethel complained about her shoulder pain and restricted motion that she woke with one day.

“I can’t sleep on my right side any more,” Joe told us, “And when I roll over at night, the pain wil wake me up. Then I feel fatigued al the rest of the day. I have to drive a lot with my job and can’t be tired all the time like this. What can you do to help me?”

“It hurts when I pitch the basebal now. My team is relying on me, no one else pitches as good as I do,” Billy said

Most people think that if they have shoulder pain they must have bursitis. But there can be many other causes of should pain and limited motion. Here at Blomerth Chiropractic we have ben treating should problems for over 28 years. We have gotten prety good at it by ow. Here is what we do. First we figure out what is causing the pain; is it a tendon, a bursa? Is it a frozen shoulder, a pinched nerve, arthritis or a trigger point? Why? Because the treatment for al these conditions are different.

Treatments may include adjustments of the spine, or collar bone, or shoulder blade or of the shoulder joint itself. Then we will treat the bursa or tendn to trigger point or pinched nerve with a range of therapies individualized to your personal needs and taking into acount how your body responds to various therapies. Next we suggest exercises you can do at home to help yourself. We might also suggest nutrients you can take to speed your healing and go over your ergonomics (your habitual body positions during daily activites) so ou can further help yourself.

Many people are not aware of the range of shoulder issues that chiropractic can help. Chiropractors specialize like other professionals and some do not treat extremities. Others, like the chiropractors who treat professional basebal and football teams, like one of Dr. Ellen’s instructors, Dr. Ralph Filson, offical chiropractor to the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team, treat a range of extremities injuries.

Here at Blomerth Chiropractic we often treat frozen shoulders like Ethel’s, or bursitis like Joe’s or tendonitis with shoulder misalignment like Billy’s, and we can treat pinched nerves referring pain to the shoulder, or trigger points sending pain down your arm. And if you have a condition that is to severe for conservative treatment, we refer you to the proper orthopedists. So why suffer? If you have shoulder or arm pain keeping you rom enjoying life call us a 978-535-6155