After 29 years in practice I have learned that people are most motivated by pain. For some people the pain comes as a stiffness, others feel it as soreness, and for some people the discomfort is totally disabling. But whatever you feel, this discomfiture is a reflection of your current health. For some people it is just another part of their general ill health and for others it can be caused by an accident or injury.

What we have learned is that exercise, good diet and regular chiropractic care all work towards maximum fitness. For those people who have tried taking drugs and surgery and still have pain, our care is their only hope of improvement because they have tried everything else before hand. Sometimes these are the very best patients because they have already learned all the previous care they received was not enough to help them. They closely follow our treatment program recommendations. And they make progress because of their dedication and determination, and because our treatment improves their healthy, naturally without drugs.

There are also patients who have been told that they have a condition that cannot be reversed like ‘arthritis’. And they have given up on doing anything because nothing will totally take away their arthritis. But even with these patients they can be helped, even if they still have their ‘arthritis’, because we improve their function. When they right exercises, good nutrition and chiropractic care all come together – people improve their health. And your maximum health is what allows you to recover as much health as possible. For some peple who have just had an accident and are otherwise healthy they get better remarkably faster. For those people who have been battling ill health for years, they see the first improvements they have seen in ages.

Is ther one secret that all people can apply to improve their health? Yes and No. Exercise is important but usually self administered exercises programs tend to result in muscle imbalances or strains over time. That is why we personally tailor each exercise program for our patients. We teach which exercises to do and how to do them. And something as simple as running can be helped if we find a patient has flat feet we help with supportive orthotics. Nutritional supplements are often a great idea but which supplements will depend on your background and current health. Weight loss and good diet is also very important but with so much misinformation around we don’t leave it to chance that our patients will know what we have learned that will work best for them. That is why we give patients a dietary diary to follow their trends before we make our recommendations.

Improving your health is something you can do with a little help and information. And it can have very powerful and beneficial effects. It can improve both your general background level of health but also help you recover from both recent injuries and long time nagging discomforts. Your decision to work with us is the first step in regaining your health through gentle natural health care. This brings you true healing without the dangers of drugs and surgery.