I have gotten a request for information on how to improve home working comfort. To work efficiently from home, good ergonomics is a must. But what are the best ways to set up your home working station? Here are some ideas:

If you are using a laptop at a table or desk:
The best way to work is get a separate keyboard and a mouse.
Use the laptop as your monitor and set it up on a stand or some books so that it is at eye height.
    You can put the keyboard on your lap or the table whichever is most comfortable.

For your chair:
If you have an office chair, put the height to where both feet are on the floor.
However if you can’t sit with your arms reaching your keyboard well and have your feet on the floor, use a box, or books or a foot stool under your feet so that your feet are not dangling.
If you are sitting in a kitchen chair, you may need a pillow behind you. You may need a cushion under you. Play with what padding or support you need. Best is to have support behind your back and both feet on the floor and your bottom comfortable.

When working on your computer:
Set a timer for 45 minutes. Get up when the timer goes off and stretch and move a little. When you sit back down reposition yourself so that your back is supported.
A good stretch is to stand up or sit up straight with both hands behind your head. Then push your head straight back into your hands (not looking up just straight back) while you resist the movement with your hands. Your elbows should be about at your ear level. You should feel a good stretch in your chest and upper back.
Check to be sure that you do not have glare from lights on your screen if possible.

If you are working standing at a kitchen counter:
Tilt the laptop screen so that it is easy to see, if possible without bending your head down.
If you have to be on your cell phone a lot, hold it up in front of you instead of looking down at it for extended periods of time.

Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Eat at normal meal times. Use the time not commuting to get extra rest and to get in some exercise.