Many of us are currently cooking at home. Here are some ideas for soups that can strengthen your immune system. One of the ways to improve your chances of staying safe and healthy is to keep your immune system that fights off invading germs as strong as possible.

An article in a recent AARP discussed soup for fighting disease. School children in London, England, as a class project, lab tested more than 50 different types of soup to see how well they fought disease. Of the ones they tested, it turned out that cabbage soup worked best.

Cabbage is one of the brassica vegetables. Brassicas include cabbage, kale, broccoli and cauliflower. So, throw some of these into your homemade soup. And for those who love Portuguese Kale soup, it would be one of those soups great for immune defense.

Good old chicken soup has been researched as well. Turns out, it actually does help fight off germs like cold germs.

Another helpful soup is Thai coconut chicken soup. This soup has chicken broth base with added coconut milk. Chicken broth is good for the immune system. And coconut milk also has some immune boosting actions.

What else can you throw in a soup? Any orange veggies such as carrots or squash are high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is the anti-infection vitamin.

Vitamin C is well known to help fight off cold virus germs. Red bell peppers are high in vitamin C. Red chili peppers, thyme, parsley, mustard greens, spinach, kale, and Brussels sprouts are also high in vitamin C.

I hope this gives you some tasty ideas for ways to improve your chances of staying healthy.