The quickest way to get out of pain and restore function when you have back pain?

Spinal Manipulation The Gold Standard of back pain treatment

Back pain is one of the most common pains that people have. Approximately 80% of people will have at least one episode of low back pain during their life. On the job, low back pain ranks second only to colds and flu as a cause of missing work. Patients with low back pain make up a major segment of people who are chronically disabled. The safest, least expensive ,most cost effective, and non-invasive treatment for low back pain  is spinal manipulation: also called spinal adjustments. The majority of spinal adjustments are performed by doctors of chiropractic.

What is a spinal adjustment?

When a chiropractor examines you he is looking for many things. But one of the most unique aspects of the doctor of chiropractic examination is looking for spinal joints that don’t move properly. When a joint in your back (or anywhere in your body ) does not move well it creates first a stiff feeling and if left untreated it will create pain. The pain that a stiff/stuck joint creates is not limited to just that one spot but it can ‘radiate’ or spread pain a surprising distance away from the stuck joint. In this way a stuck joint may cause you to feel pain in your leg, your arm or cause headache pain. To restore the normal motion that all joints require to function properly so that you don’t feel pain or stiffness a chiropractor can use a variety of different techniques.

Different ways to bring proper movement back to a stuck joint

In chiropractic health care there are many ways that the chiropractor may choose to restore proper movement to a spinal joint. Most people picture a person lying on their stomach or side and the chiropractor pushing on their back to free the stuck joint. However this is only one way to help restore good motion in a stuck joint.

There are a variety of hand held devices that some chiropractors use to push the spinal bones back into alignment. Dr. Ellen uses one of them for people who have difficulty lying down. She can then move their joints with them sitting or standing up.

There are also what are termed light force adjusting techniques. We use a couple of those at our office, mainly Logan Basic and SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique). These are very gentle and calming to the nervous system and allows us to safely treat very frail or injured individuals. These methods use indirect pressures on ligaments or muscles around the spine to move the involved joints.

How does an improperly moving spinal joint cause back pain?

There are many ways that stuck spinal joints cause pain. Here are a few:

  1. A lot of nerves surround spinal joints. When the joint does not work properly, the nerves know it and the joint itself hurts.
  2. Many muscles attach to spinal joints. When the joint does not move correctly the muscles become tight trying to get it to move. Pain chemicals then build up in the muscles and your back hurts.
  3. An improperly moving joint irritates surrounding tissues causing inflammation chemicals to build up. Inflammation causes swelling and pain.
  4. When one set of spinal joints does not move, the work of those joints gets transferred to spinal joints above and below that level. The joints having to overwork now get irritated and hurt.
  5. When one level of your back is not working properly, your body compensates, making other muscles  and structures do more work in ways they are not used to working. This causes even more pain.

As you can see, a stuck spinal joint or two can increase problems to make you feel miserable in a variety of ways.

Why Suffer?

So, why suffer? If you are suffering back pain, don’t wait for it to become severe or more complicated to correct. We can help with a handy spinal adjustment to correct the cause of the problem.

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