Tina M was sent in by her concerned mother. Elaine K*, was referred to me by her concerned sister. Both were on medications to keep them from committing suicide. Elaine K*, was referred to me by her concerned sister. Both were on medications to keep them from committing suicide.

Tina M’s story: Tina suffered daily headaches# so severe she could not get out of bed most days andwas unable to work or function. And she was in herearly 20’s. This had been going on for a couple years.Medications were not helping the ongoing severe debilitating pains. All they could do was knock her out for a little while. She was not sure she could continue to live with the pain.

Elaine K’s story: Elaine was middle aged and gradually over time, her health had deteriorated. Everything hurt, every part of her and every activity. Elaine had to drive a couple hours from out of state to get to me, but she was desperate. When I began her work-up, on my symptoms survey form, she was off the charts in every category. I had never seen anyone so toxic. No wonder she wanted to kill herself.  As Elaine put it, she had “lost her life”.

My work up for both Tina and Elaine started with my usual exam, checking for underlying musculoskeletal and other imbalances. I also have patients like these fill out my symptoms surveys, which gives me a general idea of how their various organ systems are working. I also look at any reports and lab work that previous doctors have performed.  My work-up helps me determine what approaches I need to use to help them. The treatments for both Tina and Elaine were similar: chiropractic adjustments, elimination diet, and individualized nutritional supplementation.

Tina M’s results: I had found that a big component of Tina’s problem was neck joint related. She started getting some reduction of the severity of her headaches from regular adjustments right away. But she also had some food sensitivities#. The elimination diet helps us find out what foods people are reacting to so they can avoid them.  With her mother’s help with her diet, within a couple months Tina was headache free and no longer needed any medications, including the anti-suicide ones. She soon found a job and in following years, her mother told me that Tina had eventually gotten married and had children.

Elaine K’s results: Elaine, who was driving in from out of state, was handled a little differently. I set her up with a full program of elimination diet# and nutrients with written instructions and adjusted her before she drove back home.  She could call me at any time with questions and would drive in once a month for an adjustment and evaluation of her progress. Over a period of 5 months She was feeling so much better and when she saw the symptom charts improving , she was encouraged .  Elaine stayed on the elimination diet longer than most because she was “getting her life back” as she put it. Elaine’s main problem had been her body’s sensitivity to hormones and chemicals in the foods she had been eating.  The last time I saw Elaine, she was symptom-free, was off her anti-suicide medication and now knew what foods to avoid and what to do for herself.

My approach to all my complex pain patients is similar as far as my initial work up goes. However, each intervention is geared to what that individual needs. Luckily, not all of my patients are suffering as badly as Tina and Elaine were. I still take care of plenty of average people with stiff necks, pains from their activities or minor accidents, or pregnancy related pains and that sort of thing.  But every once in awhile, I am rewarded with a patient telling me that they have “gotten their life back”.  If you or someone you know is suffering, there might be something that can be done to help. Please give Dr. Ellen a call at 978-535-6155. She will speak with you to let you know if she thinks she can help.

*These are real cases but patient names were changed for privacy.