Dr. Ellen has been taking some advanced nutrition courses lately. Here is a small tidbit of the important information she has gained.

Did you know that each day you lose and grow 24 billion cells in your body? Your body relies on the quality of the nutrition you take in for the quality of the cells it can grow each day. So, are you living in a strong healthy body from good nutritious foods, or are you living in a toxic wasteland full of junk food and chemicals? Toxic people have trouble focusing, have brain fog, suffer many different aches and pains and health issues, can’t sleep well, and are often sickly. If you are having health issues, or are fatigued or not thinking as well as you once did, you may be toxic.

Did you know that if you can’t lose weight or if you have a lot of cellulite, your body is most likely having difficulty clearing toxic wastes? We are exposed to toxic wastes from our body’s normal processes, from pesticides on our food, from pollutants in our air and environment. There are even a lot of toxic chemicals in many of our household cleaning and laundry products like the formaldehyde in most dryer sheets. If your liver is weak or if you don’t take in enough of the right vitamins that your liver needs to detoxify your body, then the body stores the wastes in the fat cells. This is why when people lose weight too fast, sometimes they will feel very sick. This is also why some people can’t lose weight. Their body is trying to protect them from the toxins.



Do you have trouble losing weight even though you’ve been on a number of diets? Would you like to learn what might be the problem, and how it can be fixed?

Are you tired all the time, have a lot of fatigue or muscle pains? Would you like to know what supplements might help?

Do you have reflux, or heart burn a lot, or stomach pains or a lot of gas all the time or after eating? Would you like to learn how you can get better without drugs?

Or would you like to learn more about your body and how to keep healthy?

As part of furthering her training in nutrition Dr. Ellen is trying out a different Systems Survey Program than the one she has been using for the past 25 years. So she needs people to try out the new survey. Dr. Ellen normally charges $75 for nutritional consultations. But the first 10 people to sign up for nutritional consults to take the new survey this June 2010, will receive this $75 service for free. Call 978-535-6155 and tell our assistant that you would like a Systems Survey consult. Or click on Contact Us, enter your information and put free Systems Survey Consult in the message box.