Does your shoulder hurt? Has it hurt for so long that you have had to give up doing things that you like? Have you had shoulder injections, physical therapy and exercises but you still have shoulder pain?  The reason you may not have recovered is because you can have 2 problems at once; the shoulder problem and your flat feet. You may not even know you have flat feet because your feet may not even hurt. So how can flat feet make your shoulder have a hard time getting better?

 The answer is called bio-mechanics.

Your shoulder blades hold the socket that your upper arm bone called the humerus fits in. This makes up your shoulder joint. Shoulder blades are attached to the body mostly by muscles. Therefore, muscle imbalances can perpetuate shoulder problems.

It is the rotator cuff  muscles that keep the humerus in the shoulder socket.  The shoulder blade plays a significant role as anchor for the rotator-cuff muscles.  Proper function of the shoulder blade depends on having an upright posture.  Round shouldered posture puts the shoulder blade in an automatically weaker position. Thus putting your shoulder at a disadvantage. This means that torso and neck postures are important too in normal function.   And flat feet cause a chain reaction that results in a round shouldered, head forward posture. A posture that makes it very hard to get better when you have shoulder pain.

Watch people walking for a few minutes. You will see that when people have good posture and and a smooth powerful walk their right arm swings forward as their left leg steps forward. Then the left arm swings forward as the right leg steps forward. When feet go flat, it alters how the leg bones and hips and spine move all the way up to the head.  Which affects the shoulder blades as well.

Flat Feet Effects On Posture

When your arches drop, your foot rolls inward into what is called pronation.  Foot pronation affects your posture all the way up to your head. Your pelvis sways forward causing your rib cage to slouch. This looks like a slouching back. Your head and neck jut forward as well giving the classic slouching teenager or bent ‘weak old man’  look.  This causes imbalances of the shoulder joint muscles. This posture by itself can cause shoulder problems like tendinitis and bursitis. And it is impossible to fully fix these shoulder problems without fixing the flat footed foundation problem.

The Fix

To address this, corrective orthotics (custom molded shoe inserts) properly support your feet.  Correction of foot pronation reduces the bad posture that leads to sore shoulders. So custom molded orthotics are needed in most cases to get better all the way.

For a longer, more technical article on this subject of how feet can affect a shoulder problem you can read the source material here: Shoulder Rehab: The Gait Connection By Mark Charrette, DC in Dynamic Chiropractic.

So if you have had a long standing shoulder problem, give us a call today at 978-5435-6155. We will not only look at your shoulder we will also look at your spine and feet. This helps us determine what combination of imbalances may be keeping your shoulder from getting better.