Hip pain makes you feel older, move slower, and most hip pain can be helped without drugs or surgery

(And you don’t need to be old to have hip pain)

Hip pain makes you feel older, because every move you make will be slow and lame, as if you were much older than you really are. People think that hip pain treatment requires a surgeon; but surgery should be the last resort for hip pain treatment. Older individuals think that that they cannot get better without surgery because their medical doctor told them their hip pain was due to arthritis and “there’s not much we can do about arthritis, except replace your hip.” But most hip pain treatments do not require drugs or surgery. The truth is that you can be helped by good, conservative care that restores normal function and decreases your pain. You can get better at any age as long as you get the right care and you learn to do the right things.

Hip pain and an anatomy lesson.

Pain over to the side of the hip is not actually true hip-joint pain. Your hip bone proper is located in the front of your body in the groin (that crease where your thigh joins your torso). A pain on the side or rear-end of your gluteal area can be from bursitis, a muscle trigger point, or a referred pain from your lower back. Side or rear end pain means your anatomic hip joint is not likely to be directly involved so joint replacement surgery is also unlikely. Depending on the what is most involved these gluteal pain treatments may include: chiropractic adjustment of stuck joints; ultrasound therapy ; muscle balancing techniques like Foundation Training exercises, trigger point treatments, kinesio-taping for muscles; and orthotics to balance postural stresses from the feet that contribute to pain.

After 36 years of practice what we have found what does not work is: pain killers, injections and regular physical stretching exercises; because none of these restore normal movement and normal function.

Groin pain

People feel “true hip pain” mainly in the groin. (Unless your groin pain occurs after an obvious cause; like an accidental pull from sports or a hernia from heavy lifting.) X-ray views of the hip will show mainly advanced arthritic degeneration of the joint. However, early arthritis does not show much change on an x-ray. The most common cause of hip joint pain?….just an alteration of the normal way a hip moves.      We restore normal motion by proper manipulation of the hip. For some people the knee and the foot joints may require manipulation to restore normal movement as well. All these joints affect one another and contribute to normal pain free movement.

Options for groin area hip pain treatments include: chiropractic adjustment or mobilization of the joint; custom made orthotics when the foot is contributing to stress on the joint; Foundation Training exercises to decrease ‘rotational imbalances’ at the hip, because many people have this imbalance in their muscles; nutritional supplementation for optimal joint and muscle health; reviewing your ergonomics at work and home so you don’t continue poor posture habits.

These are just a few aspects of our successful treatment approach to these types of hip area pains. So if you are looking for good non-surgical, non-drug, all natural hip pain treatments… simply call us at 978-535-6155 to schedule a visit today.