In this article TV viewer questions about daily headaches, flat feet, heartburn and tingling hands when bike riding are answered.

To view Natural Health Today click on for “Natural Health Today”. Or, click on broadcast schedule under the community access tab, for airing times on which stations. Or you can watch Natural Health Today on Comcast channel 99. Here are some recent questions from viewers and our answers:

 Q: Lesley from Salem: What does it mean when you have a headache every afternoon? I get one about 2 o’clock every day?

A:        If you get a headache so regularly that it happens at the same time each day it most often means that your headache is due to something that you are doing or something that you are eating; because few things are as consistent as our activities or our eating patterns.  This is a good sign because activity headaches are usually due to muscle and joint problems referring pain to the head and they do not require that you see a neurologist. This type of headache be fixed with good hands on care and exercise.  Headaches at a certain time each day can also be due to low blood sugar which also don’t require seeing a neurologist. They can be fixed by nutritional consultation and filling out a dietary diary, to make some positive changes in your eating habits.

Q: Denise from West Peabody; I’ve heard you talk about people having flat foot, but how can you check to see if that is causing pain in your back or hip? I would like to fix myself  if possible to see if I can save some money and time.

A:        It is a great idea to try to fix things on your own, but it is next to impossible to check your feet for a ‘fallen arch’, because you must have your shoes and socks off and be standing on your feet and not looking down, because we stand on the outside edge of our feet when we bend over to look at them while standing. Many people have told me that they ‘have a great arch’ in their foot and they always look at their foot and show their arch while they are sitting down. But when people stand up and don’t look down at their foot many of these people do have a fallen arch. People with a flat foot may not even have foot pain, but most of them will have either knee, hip, or back pain eventually. Saving money and trying to examine yourself is a great concept because it shows you are interested in your health but it is nearly impossible to check when it comes to flat feet.

Q: Dave from Middleton: My Mom has had heartburn for a few years and she keeps it under control by taking some Tums antacid pills. I remember you said Tums were not that good for you, but why not take them if they make you feel better?

A: It is best to get at the reason behind the symptoms of heart burn because the acid in our stomach is actually very important for three reasons. It is necessary to digest proteins, it is needed to absorb calcium and important in getting enough vitamin B-12 into your blood stream. One common cause of the heartburn symptom is having too little stomach acid to quickly digest your food so it sits in your stomach and ferments and causes gas which give you the heart burn symptom. Certain items in our diet all cause heartburn such as carbonated water, chocolate and coffee so it may be good to cut way down on that before you take to many antacids and interfere with your digestive process.

Q: Bill from Danvers: My left hand falls asleep when I ride my bike more than 10 miles, but I can’t seem to find a seat height or handle bar height that will keep it from happening. Any ideas?

A: Sometimes bicycle riding just puts us in a bent forward posture long enough to reveal problems that don’t show when we do other activities. It is likely you need care for your neck joints and muscles because those are what cause most symptoms of tingling into your hand regardless of which bicycle or seat height you use.